So eh... which covenant lol?

I’ve been trying to get back in it and looked up some guides on the different specs and yet after all that reading I still don’t know which covenant to go…

if I do m+ it says go Night Fae, if I raid it says go Necro or Venthyr depending on tier set, if I also wanna play Arcane then I have to go Kyrian, if I play Fire then Night Fae… I’m just confused now.

Am I supposed/expected to level ALL 4 covenants to 80 just to be able to play mage? Wtf lol?


Unfortunately, yeah. But if you want to just stick with one to play all three then pick venhyr as the safe pick.

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Pick one for your sanity’s sake


Pretty much.


Frost= st/cleave - necro. Aoe - NF
If you don’t have dual leggos, then st is vent.

Fire= st - vent, cleave/aoe - nf

Arcane - kyrian.