So Created my account and subbed wow token

created an account and subbed for 1 month. it’s been 20 days and I decided I want to use the money I gained to buy a wow token from the AH to get 30 days game time. I keep getting an internal auction error

any idea?

You can’t until your first paid 30 days run out.

had a feeling that’s what it was, but that’s just silly. I paid for it, whether its used the full 30 days or not is just silly

It’s really meant, apparently, to slow down the bots and scammers by giving them a 30 day timeout, so to speak.

Inadvertent inconvenience to real players is a side effect we just have to put up with, unfortunatley.

/moo :cow:

It honestly would only affect very very select few of real players.

I’m going with an assumption OP started his second account. Because a brand new player at level 41 cannot afford a token xD


I swear to a higher power there are literally people sitting at their computers with a mob of sock puppet alts waiting to find something to complain about.

This was an inevitable thread.


There were also a ton of threads the exact same day blizzard removed the cloning service and all these people came out of the woodwork acting clueless as to why their character was on a TBC realm and not an era realm.

Like I’m sure it affected some people, but it was surprising how many “authentic” people who some obscure change affected started to play again the same day a change was made.

i think you know what’s up , but just wanted to post for the shake of it


Happens every time lmao.

The very next day,
“I just came back and now it’s gone”.

Same happened when Wrath 70 boost was removed last month
“I just came back to boost to 70 because i love Northrend and now its gone” .

Like bruh…get outta here.


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