So, Classic Team, what about the dungeons versions?

Hello everyone,

Back in November 4th 2017, J. Allen Brack gave several interviews. In the one given to Digital Trend*, he said:

" Content-wise it will be identical. Now, “identical” has a lot of nuance, [though], because WoW changed a lot in the two years between launch and [Burning Crusade]. One of the reasons we are talking about this as early as we are is to get the community’s opinions on which way we should go for certain things. A good example is U.B.E.R.S. — [Upper Blackrock Spire is a dungeon that had a 10-person version and a 5-person version. At some point in development, we dropped the 10-person version. Was that the right decision? Do they want a 10-person version? Do they want a 5-person version? Those are the types of things [we’re figuring out]."

And to Forbes**, on January 30, 2018

“My favorite example for this is Upper Blackrock Spire. There was a 10-person version and a five-person version for most of that two-year period, but toward the end we decided, nope, UBRS is going to be a five-person and we’re going to retune it to be appropriate for that. Is that the right decision? I don’t know. These are the types of questions. There’s lots of questions like that that we’ll be talking with the community about.”

Point is, we are getting closer and closer to the release date, and we still haven’t got any update regarding the version of the dungeons. Do you plan to let us know soon what you are thinking so we can give you feedback?

I appreciate you gave us an update on the Alterac Version, and I certainly hope so you are taking into account the massive feedback you are given on the topic. People have a clear passion and longing for the versions prior to 1.10.

You listened to us for the content phase, and I’d like to trust that you will listen to us for the versions we would like to play for A.V and the Dungeons.

Thanks a lot

I cannot include links so:
1* World Of Warcraft Classic Interview, Digital Trend, November 4th, 2017

**Classic Servers, Cats and Cute things, The world of Warcraft Interview, Forbes , January 30th 2018.

How was it in 1.12? That’s your answer.


haha exactly :wink: Everything is 1.12 for as far as they have anounced, with the exception of raid/dungeon and some items being released later.

The AV fiasco already made it clear to me how they don’t have a

about pre 1.12 content.


Didn’t they say that the 1.12 is the foundation but the code is flexible?

“Any differences in behavior between our development builds and the patch 1.12 reference can be systematically cataloged and corrected, while still operating from a foundation that’s stable and secure.”

To me, it sounds like nothing is set in stone.


I don’t think you understood what that statement meant. They meant differences in their development build of Classic compared to the 1.12 reference.

Meaning things that don’t work the way they should in 1.12 will be corrected to work as it does in 1.12 while they continue to test it on a client that isn’t 1.12.

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15 Man UBRS or bust imo

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Hmm sorry but Brack only presented 10-man or 5-man as the options :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Clever, actually. Considering one of those isn’t actually an option :thinking:

UBRS was 10-man at 1.12, after being changed in 1.10. It wasn’t until Cataclysm that it became a 5 man dungeon.

Therefore UBRS will be a 10 man raid instance with no lockout.

Yeah, that certainly was something they said and then completely did the opposite.

Just use the </> button

You’d think so.

And was that before or after the 1.12 announcement?

Context is relevant based on where they were at at the time of some of those statements. Since they announced they would be building 1.12, no mention of a 5 man UBRS has been seen since.

And 1.12 won.

Oh look, the consummate troll is back to :poop: up another thread.

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