So can you buy items off someone in P2?

So if I win an item in a MS/OS run and someone offers me 20 gold for it, can I even take the offer?

And / or is there an expanded list / FAQ of what is and isn’t allowed in Phase 2 of season of discovery/

We don’t know their detection methods…

I bet the system will flag transaction where raid gear is traded for gold… so good luck…


God I hope not, rolling on loot you dont need to sell it is pretty toxic.


At the start of the season I got the leather shoulders from akumai, a feral druid offered me 50g and I refused, now I’m almost certain that he was a gold buyer


Seems like Blizz has been pretty clear on this topic.

If I saw this happen in raid I would report it.

Right. If allowed the P2W kiddos would just use it as a way to swipe for pixels and the whole prohibition of GDKP would be pointless.

I would tend to agree with you on this.

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Well what happens when you have two perfect legit rolls, guy A wins the item, and guy B just says bro, I really want it, would you pass for 100g? Even in very much non GDKP runs I was seeing that in 2019 Classic, and I remember instances of similar all the way back in 2006 Vanilla. They may even just BARTER. “Yo bro, give ya a full stack of elixirs for it.” “Would 10 black lotus be enough to get you to trade that to me?”

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Due to the wording, I feel like it’s more pointed towards winning loot because of bidding rather than someone else won the loot and now you are offering them some gold because you are desperate.

Either way, I would still avoid doing it.

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Unless they provide more clarification, as it’s written. Yes as that would just become a loophole to do GDKP anyways.

You can do bidding third party, roll it legit. Then just have the bid winner do that. And tell the roll winner they have to give it up or they get banned from the gdkp

If I saw this I would report it as GDKP and hope if the player sold it they and the buyer would get a ban shrugs

You can come up with a million different scenarios but the P2W kiddos are gonna need to play not pay.

Off of the actual wording as is, yes. And it can obviously be abused.

But to just blatantly assume that it’s always P2W is just stupid.

I’ve lost a piece of gear to a friend. He decided he didn’t really need it and asked me if I wanted it. I said sure and gave him a few gold for being cool about it.

I just pass stuff without taking payment because it’s just gear.

If I already got a drop from a raid sometimes I pass items so other people can get gear

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You are entitled to that opinion, although I see it as myopic and naïve. To each their own ofc :slight_smile:

We agree on this though.

Why would you sell gear you rolled on. If you don’t need it; don’t roll on it.


Some folks need cash more because they don’t buy it :smiley: lol

I admit, I’ve sold stuff before. Small upgrade in a dungeon for me, rando pug wants it and offers enough to sway my mind. A buddy in need I’d pass to, rando pug can get lost unless they offer me some tangible reason to trade it. Never been a gold buyer, but for awhile leached gold out of a few GDKP’s once or twice a month to pay for tokens so I didn’t have to pay for the game lol

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It’s also extremely naïve to think everything is black and white.

Lets say you’re a Warrior and your actual BiS dps ring is the BoE (Thunderbrew Ring?) but you know that’s far too expensive for you to ever buy.

So you roll on the 6str/6stam ring in BFD because that’s a much more reasonable item for you to get.

Then some other Warrior offers you 50g for it. With that 50g you can buy the BiS ring. You agree.

Just one example.

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Standards have fallen. I remember when you were required to equip BoEs (and later BoPs when the ‘2hr window to trade’ was implemented) or else you’d be kicked and replaced.


Agreed, life is indeed nuanced. Perhaps I worded that poorly, just meant it would be abused if allowed.

This is an example of it being abused.

I mean, I suppose. But that’s a social thing only. There’s never been any official rule in what you’re required to do with an item after you win it.

And I know it would be abused for sure.

I don’t agree. An example of it being abused is using it as a loophole to GDKP as I stated here:

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I mean 1 guy sure, but if it’s happening for most drops… you’re probably getting flagged. The war Blizzard works you won’t get the ban till like 3 months later either.

I agree on this, if you roll need a BoE, you better equip it in front of everyone