So are we just gonna ignore this?


No Affliction warlock or frost dk buffs or possible reworks? No utility or defense added for hunters? No feral druid defensive buffs? No minor buffs for disc?
Why is it you guys make only 1 class/spec change every 2-4 weeks. Are we a joke to you? Please start loving us, and fixing our specs, we feel neglected with specs that are underperforming and/or poorly designed. Please.


It literally has been 1 week since 8.2 PTR went live. Calm down.


I’m just going to hug groups in BGs, hoping I don’t get picked off by a rogue like a gazelle in a herd being stalked by a cheetah.


I feel for you. My Ret exclusively and with a lot of prejudice goes after every single DK, Warr and DH in every BG I step into. Such easy snacks, lol


If this was the finalized notes of the changes to come, I’d be upset. But it’s not, to my knowledge. There’s plenty of time for players to test the game further and provide more feedback. Yes, Frost DK needs help. Feral Druid could use some buffs too. So did Subtlety Rogue, glad they’re getting some love. More wonderful changes to come over the next few weeks, I’m sure. It ain’t over til it’s over. :cow:


People said similar things like that about alpha/beta for BFA, but look how that turned out. “Oh it’s just alpha”
“It’s just the beginning of beta, it’s fine”
“Middle of beta, still got a lot of time left for changes”
“1 week left I’m sure all of them will be released at the last minute”
Then boom, a big horrible train wreck. Don’t underestimate their willingness to either do nothing or something not that important.

(Vadimier) #7

Bad warriors/DHs. It’s so easy to shut down ret’s burst window if the player knows what to do.

If they just take it to the face though? That’s a serious ouchy.

Admittedly, 95% of players in BGs will opt to take it to the face and die. It’s funny.


Rubs lucky draenei skull

C’moooooooon Affliction changes! Momma wants to dot everything!


Yes and no. I am not exactly a pro with my ret, but I have been pvping with it since Wrath. Few things happen:

  1. 99% don’t expect me to be able to keep up in mobility, because ret is so slow. But I am engineer, so the boost takes them by surprise almost always and I wreck 'em.
  2. DH’s rely too much on Eye Beam burst. If you interrupt it, you practically shut down their entire burst and it’s a win.
  3. Warrs are too vulnerable during Bladestorm. I feel it needs a buff in defense. 9/10 kills I get are during bladestorm, I just pop Shield of Vengance and eat it. Once it explodes back I almost have the warr below 20%.

I agree, baddies will be baddies. But I feel for the classes, they do need improvement. Let’s not even talk about DK’s lol. 3 TV’s and they’re out!

(Vadimier) #10

That’s what stormbolt, gouge, fear, or your cc of choice is for. :wink:

It isn’t usable in arenas either, which is where I do most of my pvp.

True, but a good DH knows to setup their eyebeam to avoid it being immediately interrupted.

Most warriors in BGs don’t know when to use bladestorm, and if you’re getting them to 20% during it they simply are not using their defensives correctly.

I imagine you’re talking about with wings up though, which falls back to my original point that most folks in BGs eat ret’s burst window like a goober when they should kite, cc or otherwise mitigate it.

Fighting ret is all about making them waste their CDs and then blowing them up when they’re vulnerable.

It helps, of course, if you play the class and know when to CC/kite them, when to apply pressure and so on.

<3 my pally. I’m just talking.


Actually not during wings up. I don’t play ret like most do. It’s a riskier style, but I think it’s too predictable to: HoJ-Bubble-Wings-Wreck. I play with trinket and pot burst along with lucky streaks of TV proc via Divine Purpose. I pop wings sure, but I don’t count on it being my way to win. Too many things can counter it nowadays.
If anything I actually try to use to to cause someone to waste a stun or dispel on me, so I have the advantage.

And yes, this is all rando bg’s. I know my pally doesn’t stand a chance in Arenas hahahaha, hahaha, ha, ha, sobs uncontrollably

(Vadimier) #12

Always good to see someone playing with unique builds. I had a ret build in Legion that was glorious. I don’t remember the full setup but it let me chunk people with that ability that did inreased damage during stuns and required 5 holy power… it hit sooo hard.

You can do some nuts stuff in rando BGs if you build for it, like using pots like you said. I’m more talking about control in arenas.

Sounds like a good time though. Need to build out ome of my other warriors specifically to break rando bgs. Havem’t dome that since WoD with the broken fury burst + engineer rocket… killed people in like 3 globals.


I agree that if it’s on the PTR, it’s lrobably going live. But isn’t this a live fix? While I’m not saying you’re going to be happy with 8.2, it may actually, in this instance, be too too early to get too upset.

(Drezwazluz) #14

Is this just a pvp thread. That’s not fun.


Of course not but the fact we only got pvp hot fixes and that it was only for sub rogues is unacceptable.

(Drezwazluz) #16

Really. That’s unacceptable.

So what are you going to do in protest? Talk on the forums? I think you’re just going to talk on the forums.

Don’t be dramatic.

(Akston) #17

So they shouldn’t have released any fixes yet?


Did you not read? I said it’s unacceptable to have only sub having changes, because they’re should of been more changes for other specs as well, it’s not impossible to do, we’ve seen them do massive and numerous changes for multiple classes/specs in a short period of time before.

(Akston) #19

Ok. So lets pretend they are working on changes. And Sub changes are what got finished first.

Are you saying they should hold off on hotfixing sub until they have other changes done?

If so, how long should they hold off on a hot fix?

How many classes are required to be hotfixed, per hotfix?

Obviously with a major patch coming soon (8.2 on PTR), a lot of dev work will be focused on that right now. Leaving people to make hotfixes a lesser number than normal. This could easily be why hotfixes will come out slower.

Maybe some of the specs in question have larger changes on the PTR, and its better to wait for that. And classes like sub may not need as many changes like what is on the PTR for some classes.