So... are we just going to pretend

That since 9.1 dropped there have been SEVERE FPS issues. I can barely move in Oribos, sometimes dropping down to the single digits in framerate, my FPS will just sit at 90-100, then drop down to 20, then up to 60, then back down to 14, then up to 89, it’s all over the place, and I haven’t seen a single blue response, despite that there are multiple posts with other player’s having the same issue. Turning off addons, defragmenting my computer, updating my drivers, repairing wow, and optimizing my game settings have done nothing to fix it.

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In Maldraxxus right now, stepped outside of my covenant hall and my fps is 3, yes, that’s not a typo, it’s 3 frames a second when moving, 30 if I stand completely still. Working as intended?

There is absolutely something wrong. I hope they recognize the sheer number of players posting about this, stating disabling addons or adjusting graphics settings does nothing, and realize this issue is on their end. All the responses I’ve seen so far keep suggesting it must be on the players end/an add-on issue, even when people say they’ve disabled all their addons.

The problem, definitely started after 9.1 (not sure if it was right after, but I didn’t have it before the patch).

There have been official responses in specific threads, have a look at the Map thread, the Game stutters when casting thread.

It looks like you’re also a feral druid, do you have a lot of macros for feral?
That seems to be causing some problems, I was about to test removing macros to see if it changes anything like it did for Bloodyugly.

It would be nice if they updated the know problems thread, but given how things have been going I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I got so fed up that I literally reinstalled windows on my computer, been downloading WoW since last night, still going, if this doesn’t fix it, we’ll definitely know which end it’s coming from.

Not necessarily if there’s a conflict with the system’s hardware or something of that nature. Unfortunately, there’s no diagnostic info in your post to do any troubleshooting. If you continue running into issues, make sure your post includes at least the requested DxDiag.