So are we going to talk about MM damage?

well soon they are removing double tap so we can all rejoice .

those complaining about standing in range of a mm most are stacking mastery that range is insane lol

When they remove spells/abilities like this at least there is a few weeks/months heads up in (in this case) which players can practice playing without them.

At one point in time we would call it the 100 yd touchdown!, then they adjusted the DR on Mastery. Good times! amazing in WPVP.

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I thought they already did?

Imagine making a post about hunters being OP LOLZ, breathe on them wrong and half their hp is gone, SO I’m not seeing an issue here

we are on 10.0.2 this is talking bout 10.0.5 idk tbh i thought they already removed it aswell unsure tbh but was going off this post

via Hunter double tap removal feedback

well you play shaman ofc they fall over when ur around every class does LOLZ

Im just posting on this toon, I play my hunter quite abit. Its still true tho

thats what they all say

you seem like a clueless player who don’t know what sniper shot is since you made such a stupid post and yet you comment on a hunter, the irony

Seriously? This whole thread doesn’t know what sniper shot is lol. Half the thread thinks it’s this god-tier ability, the other half thinks it’s useless. It’s middle of the road at best, but as far as abilities go it’s really only useful in epic BGs.

It does 20% damage and increases range for 6 seconds. It has a 10-second cooldown and a 3-second cast.

“But the hunter is out of range!”

You guys can’t even target a healer WITH a HHTD add-on but you’re going to be able to spot a hunter in a team fight? Give me a break.

“only so useful” yet you get ez top dmg in epics back when its was a thing most top dps was mm hunter over every rdps there was nice try , could afk n hit a button n get top dmg .

You aren’t getting top damage in an Epic BG because of Sniper shot lol. You’re getting top damage because of an insane amount of spread damage that a hunter is capable of.

And this is exactly what I mean when I say

Sniper shot might not be the major factor why I routinely top KBs on my hunter in regular BGs (not just epic) but it is the main reason that I do it with minimal deaths (typically none or one death).

And, of course, it indirectly inflates my KBs because of the safety it provides to be able to free cast into a team fight.

You already have safety casting anything into a team fight. There aren’t casters or ranged DPS in there with the melee players.

Enemy Ranged/casters—------------- Melee—--------------------Team Ranged/casters
O <---------------35-45 yards------------> OO <---------------35-45 yards------------>OO
O <---------------35-45 yards------------> OO <---------------35-45 yards------------>OO
O <---------------35-45 yards------------> OO <---------------35-45 yards------------>OO

Above is a typical battlefield in a team fight. Sniper shot is not long enough to reach across a team fight to the other casters or healers. If you are getting hit with sniper shot from all the way across the line, then you are also within range of the melee in the middle and you need to work on your positioning. The Melee in the center aren’t pulling or picking off hunters or casters, they are going for the healers (or should be).

Best case scenario in a team fight, Aimed shot is going to provide a little more pressure, but it will ultimately be healed if the healers are still alive. The best use of a sniper shot is an “execution” type of ability. Got someone running away and they’re under 20% HP? Sniper shot. Even then, if they are at the 40-yard range chances are they are going to be out of range of your sniper shot by the time you pop off that 3-second cast.

Let’s also remember, that the extended range only lasts for 6 seconds. That’s two Aimed Shots IF you have full focus.

The only BG where you will be topping KBs because of Sniper Shot is going to be Temple when the orb carrier has a lot of stacks on them.

No. The best use is to open with sniper shot because once people realize a hunter is on them they often try to run for safety behind the enemy line and the extra range allows you to land kill shots without having to chase them giving up your safe position.

Just want to add here, that people at full health are in “execute range” for a hunter with their cooldowns up. :stuck_out_tongue:

This may or not pertain to the subject at hand, MM Hunter being so strong in Battlegrounds.
Take a look at EU (larger sample size) 10v10 Ladder. Top 100, 200, 300.

I top KBs frequently on all maps, except those where I choose to sit a base.

Good healers can counter hunter burst (along with most classes burst) and RBGs tend to have good healers. Random BGs on the other hand might not have good healers or can have good healers but there might only be one of them and they get overwhelmed.

Ah Thank you, when player Skill is in a more balanced position (rated) MM does not look like a go to spec at all. Hunter even for this matter.
I mean there are what 3? out of the top 300 10v10 characters in the ladder.