So are we at all concerend over spell Batching?

I’ll be fine with it, fine without it.


Original Classic hid that 400ms well. I never remember noticing it on the client. And from my understanding of the subject, the batching is what allows crazy large scale PvP to run so smoothly when a Classic server runs on modern hardware. The not-batching allows quicker more accurate combat, “who got the CC off first”, etc.

I could see good reasons for either. In either case though it’s mainly a PvP thing. What would Classic PvPers want more, better massive world PvP or more accurate combat in BGs / dueling? Myself, I feel like the big, chaotic, world PvP battles are more in the spirit of Classic. But more PvPers may prefer better combat in BGs. Or Blizzard just may not be able to reintroduce it at all.

Yeah I’d say it negatively effects rogues more than any other class.


No, there isn’t (in this post).

His words are completely neutral, and his tone can be as well.

Any snark is brought to his post by those reading (or his history which I’m not addressing here).

Hey again Ythisens! Glad to see you here my friend! By the way please tell the tech department that worked on the forum bug that disabled players from logging in that I was able to login en random, but the bug still does exist if not logging in from the new forums page. Keep up the great work guys! Glad to be back finally!
(Edit: Context. There’s a bug on new forums that disables you from logging into the new forums. It got me on thanksgiving and have been testing multiple alt freebie accounts to find every detail I can and sending information to them on it via ticket system to assist them in combating the bug)

As for the timing of spell batching, not sure if you came across my post there or not but this was by an old blue.

Appears to be close though, Patch 5.4.7 was the reference to it. So definitely in the MoP era.

Ah okay! I was close. I knew it was a MoP change but didn’t know when. Also thanks for the blue post on where we communicated that change as I tried looking for it but couldn’t find it. Appreciate the correction and information!

Glad you were able to log in finally! I’ll pass that on. o7


Heh. If it weren’t for the fact that their teams are undoubtedly more experienced working with the new client and infrastructure, the amount of hacking they’re going to have to do to get this right would be comparable to just updating the old one.

I am very glad to be of help! Anything I can do to assist you guys!

Tell them what I got was “logging in on the main warcraft page and then clicking forums had the same result of not being logged in. But logging out then going to the forums page and logging in from the new forums worked for me.”

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what is spell batching

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Spell batching was a technological limitation back in the day - the server would execute all spells/abilities that were cast every 400ms.

It would result in some funny things like a mage and rogue who clicked abilities at the same time - result: mage’s blink goes off but so does the rogues gouge, so the mage blinks and wind up gouged or blinded etc.

Another good one was 2 rogues sapping each other at the same time.

Also - rogues could cast a ‘vanish’ as a mage would cast frostbolt. The animation would go through, but the rogue wound up being immune when it hit them.

If only they’d fix the bug where if you click Log In, you get shunted to a character other than the one you primarily post with, and when you change to the character you post with, you get “logged out” (but can still post). That one’s more annoying than the other.

Interesting. That hasn’t happened to me really. But I much prefer that than trying to log in only to get “You tried to change something you were not allowed to change” something along those lines, that basically was like getting suspended from the forums by a bug.

guess not. never heard of it

You might’ve experienced it though.
Ever witness rogues both gauging each other at the same time?
Or a mage blinking when a rogue gauged and they ended up using blink but gauged at the end? Two examples.

That happened due to batching.

is that like jumping as a warrior charged you so thier hamstring couldn’t land?

I am not entirely sure but it may be related. It was mostly due to how things lagged server wide in a way. Spells would all go off every 400ms so if you both did the same thing right time it would have varrying effects.

Like a mage casting sheep just as a rogue stealths. Stealth would go off, sheep would be cast but rogue would register immune and the mage would have wasted the mana etc.

If this means I get to watch a shaman one shot a mage as the mage tries to blink away and the mage ends up at his new location and dies…I want it.


I believe it also causes scenarios where both you and your opponent are at low health, your spell landed on your opponent which will finish him off but he doesn’t die yet, you stare at him for a split second and he blast you with an instant spell. Then the spells take effect and both of you die at the same time, when under real time, he would have died first before killing you too.

Spell batching (re)introduces bugs and causes mechanics to not work as intended. Example is using Divine Shield and still dying but the ability goes on CD. This happened to me a lot, especially in PvP. It should be one or the other: the ability was used and I am still alive or the ability was not used and is not on CD. I think the infamous Vanish bug was at least partly related to spell batching. Deliberately degrading the experience is not something I want. The Classic demo was smooth and responsive and altogether a most welcome upgrade over the janky Vanilla servers.

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I’m all for keeping the experience authentic, but this is WoW Classic, not actual Vanilla from 14 years ago. Some things like bugs and crashing servers should be fixed to make the technical experience as smooth as possible. Since spell batching was a technical limitation, and not an intended design, I could take it or leave it.

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