So are we at all concerend over spell Batching?

CM’s pls don’t remove this post and ban me. Just watched the youtube video about all the stuff the last guy who posted about spell batching went through. This game would not be the same game without it so we really need a reply from blizzard about the legion engine spell issues.


If private servers can provide this for their players, than Blizzard can as well.


Honestly I’m kind of new to the spell batching issue. If I understand everything correctly, at some point in time the performance was improved from something like 400 ms to 15 ms. That should be a noticeable difference.
I’m not sure what side of the issue people are falling on but a strict psychological requirement of a video game is that there is feedback. This is how the player is connected to the experience. You push a button and hear a click or a menu opens or whatever. If this relationship fails, its very disruptive, not so much immersive.
I can’t imagine intentionally slowing it down.

The guy didn’t have his post removed, and he was legitimately banned. He was banned in 2011, and when they allowed people to post without subs for the original Classic forums, people with banned accounts were mistakenly allowed to post. The same thing happened with these new forums. Time to move on.

If they put in spell batching I would have no problem with it, but, I guess I was a bad player because I never knew about it in the first place, so it wouldn’t affect my experience if it wasn’t included. And, from reading through the information about spell batching, only a small percent of people even knew about it, or could effectively use it.


Most people don’t give a damn. A very vocal few do though.


And there seem to be just as many that don’t want as there are demanding it be in.

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Spell batching is still technically in the game; it’s just vastly more efficient and fast:

That link goes to a post which quotes another post which quotes Celestalon who explains how they upgraded the system.

I’m no engineer, so my question to those who have knowledge of these things is: can the batching upgrades be reversed so that it’s inefficient and sucky again? :rofl:

Other than that, I have no horse in this race, myself.

Yes the upgrade is the batching is faster and smaller batched. You can always slow it down on purpose. But I personally don’t want them to.


Not in the least.


Spell batching won’t affect me in any way. So, no I am not concerned. It sounds like it was an unintended consequence and was subsequently fixed. That would be a bug.


Not so much a bug as much as old hardware limitation kinda like 8 debuff slots.

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Hearing rogue’s stealth sound when they got close to you was also an unintended consequence. They chose to keep the effect after they fixed what was causing it.


Oh ok, a hardware limitation. Thanks for clarifying.

Only issue with this analysis is that the feedback can vary widely in its configuration; as long as it is consistent and accurate. So it doesn’t really matter how long between action and result (within reason).

This is most recognizable in the Halo games, which became the new standard for latency prediction, etc. E.g., in Halo 2 even though everyone was lagging like they were sharing p2p p***, the player still saw accurate results on their screen (what the recipient saw was still another story entirely).

So as long as the engine’s prediction matches your results it doesn’t really matter when it is actually calculated.

Personally I’m not that concerned at this point. I understand what those who are advocating for it are talking about, but unless my memory gets jogged with some more specific examples I don’t think I’m going to have much of an opinion either way.

Some have used arenas in support of including spell batching, but personally I don’t find that particular argument persuasive because arenas weren’t even in Vanilla. If they can use a feature of Vanilla to support why it should be included I would probably find the argument more persuasive.

I mean I did a lot of PvP and PvE in Vanilla and certainly encountered what the advocates are talking about, but at this point I’m failing to see how it is an essential element that will “tarnish the meta” if it isn’t included.


the other 2 posts about this same subject were never removed, and the ban had nothing to do with the post.


I don’t care about spell batching.

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Batching only really affects the super high skill PvP’ers. For the vast majority of players, something silly occasionally happened (I couldn’t count how many times me and another warrior charged each other only to end up stunned at the other person’s starting location).

I think it would be nice to see the silly things happen once more, but I honestly don’t really care.


No, not really concerned. They are making a mountain out of a mole hill.


I’d prefer to have it. Ccing your opponent at the same time that they cc you is fun and* interesting when it happens.