So are Devs fine with Guardians?

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i mean they have been bottom 2 (with warrior) of tanks entire Xpac.

i know they tried to give em a bit of help…but they both need more to close that large gap between them and the rest of the tanks.

also a bit of a threat boost would be helpful.


prot warrior has been crap since legion too… it was good in bits an pieces but I don’t get why it has to always be the worst tank overall.


im afraid the way things look with this company expect guardian to be bad till next expansion. i dropped bear for ele shaman and havent looked back, there’s jsut way to many issues with guardian that artifact weapons covered up and they can’t find a way to fix it despite THOUSANDS of responses

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3 words.

its the only real tank spec w/o native healing apart afaik. (has been awhile sincep layed one)

blizzard doesnt want tanks to be self reliant, but if u look at it rightn ow…the ones that are top ones ALL have semi self reliance.

yeah kind of why I made a Horde VDH…unlike bears their talents actually cover the base kit’s weakpoints.

really wanna use my bear…but its just too much work for the payoff :confused:

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I think we are all waiting on the mythic week balance pass, but if I was playing bear I would be gearing an alt, same for vengeance. Good news for warriors though, they are looking good for raiding this tier.

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It seems that the Developers only want Balance and Restoration Druids to be played this expansion. People wanted Classic game play. Looks like we’re moving that way.

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Please contribute to the 1068-post Guardian Feedback Thread. Its been active since beta and still no blue post. Guardians experienced a net loss in abilities, passives and utility going from 110 to 120 which are essential to be competitive in m+ content being pushed by Blizz.

Pro tip: you can be unsubbed and still interact with the “In Development” forums. Vote with your dollars.

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yes, I would like to report an oversight. apparently there was a section of the Q7A missed addressing the net loss of toolkit for bears from legion to Bfa and their abysmal performance in m+ based on raider. io and warcraftlogs data collected during bfa. i’m sure this and the other class changes the forums, third party sites and trade chat are all pleading for couldn’t have possibly been intentionally ignored so we’re excited to hear about what the absent class design team has in mind.

its laughable that blizz tried to hold their m+ tournament up as an esport when there is such a huge imbalance between the meta comp and everything else.

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If you’re not an esport competitor, you don’t even matter.


God bear is just pure garbage,couldn’t even do a 7 key today. Spec is full of so many issues that you’d need a new expansion to make this trash actually good

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it is not “garbage” (as it can do the content even if much harder than rest), but it does need a serious bit of TLC from devs.

from my view guardians have rage issue (too little to use the kit we are built around properly outside of hero and if u take the rage boost talent in 1st row).

another being they get decimated by magic (arent bears, monks and BDK only ones w/o magic am or some kind?)

lack any ranged interrupt/silence

and for a spec that has been “heal itself” for many xpacs they are the worst of the tanks who CAN heal.

oh and kiting could use help…its possible, but its not as on the fly as others.

Sadly…with the Q&A stating no major class changes until 8.2…i expect them to remain in a fetid state for many more months :frowning:

and i’ll say this again…

BFA guardian wasnt made for BFA content but Legion content.
Legion guardian is what should of been BFA content.

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I started the xpac as guardian, and the whole mythic experience was difficult pushing keys. It is frustrating to get dropped due to being so under powered compared to other specs.

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Legion guardian were amazing. (think how good BDK are in BFA)