So Anima reservoir is now 200K

But what happens when we swap covenants? This reservoir only for your current covenant. Maybe they also need to make a way to use your reservoir anima with a different covenant as 200K is A LOT of anima and anyone who was already at the 35K cap didn’t exactly need the extra room, we needed something to spend it on.

No the crystals was not the long term solution, it never was. Many players were only selling any crystals they got as they didn’t have the need, be it they crafted their own R6 or don’t even have a crafting profession that can use them. Add in now that crystals are not selling for much and is it worth using anima on them?

Can we have a way to have a shared reservoir across all covenants? Maybe than 200K would be useful so we can simply deposit whatever we get and use it however we want otherwise we are still in the same situation, we don’t want to deposit because we have nothing to spend it on in our current covenant.

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I think they are going to allow Anima sending from your main to alts. So right now you can just cap out while you have the chance until the patch. That’s my plan. I’m In hopes I Interpreted the news correctly.


They’re currently working on a way to let us trade anima to alts and to other covenants on the same character. I don’t think it’ll be a shared global reservoir, but they are going to let us transfer it around.

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currently you can buy xmog and resell it to your new vendor before the 2 hour window…but that’s a lot of bag space

And no doubt any currency we send to alts will incur a broker cost and we will lose out on some. Probably best to keep it in my bank until I run out of room, at least until more details come through. I don’t want to deposit 50K anima and when 9.1.5 hits only find I can withdraw like 25K or something.

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That would be just fine. Even If It cost a tax to do. I legit enjoy going to all the world zones In Sl so It would be a win win for me.

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Maybe this will help