So...about those raid skips?

(Varrow) #1

Are you going to add a Stormwall (or Mekka) raid skip in 8.2? It takes 6 months to get a 25 man roster all mounts from Jaina. Taking 1.5 hours to reclear the entire zone every week when 8.2 comes out just to get those raiders who were in on the first kill (WHICH THEY DESERVE) is going to feel awful.

Please consider implementing a skip mechanic. Like, why were these even removed in the first place? Are you “making the world bigger”? Bugger off.


One way to handle this is taking an alt to mecha once and saving the lockout on him. And you just use that lockout each week.

(Varrow) #3

I don’t think that works for Mythic lockouts, but I’m not 100% sure.


Ah, no it wouldn’t work for mythic. I didn’t read that in your previous post.
If you were interested in doing mecha to get the mount for everyone you can do this.
Could save it both on heroic and normal and just clear mecha.

(Varrow) #5

Ah, I see. The point of my post was mainly for the mythic Jaina mount and guilds having to reclear the entire zone over and over and over to get the one mount a week for their full roster that was there for the weeks of progression.


Ah, yeah, I totally agree. It seems a little rediculous full clearing for the mount each time.
A lot of past raids have some sort of system built on collecting x amount of something to purchase a skip.
I feel like it can’t be that hard to incorporate the same system into this raid.


It fills me with dread knowing that even if we killed Jaina tonight, it would take at least 4 months of complete BoD reclears before we got to be done.


Yeah I really wish they’d add a skip


Second this:

Raid skips should be built in, the raids especially fights like Jaina which can be upwards of 9 minutes on a kill is already a time sink. I enjoy the boss fights in BoD but there were definitely spots that skips could have enacted. Horde/Alliance Transition is a great one.

I also think the lack of a skip leads to raider burnout, spending an hour or two reclearing to get people gear off the end bosses or mounts is just cumbersome. Especially as you get towards the end of the tier.

(Kabbie) #10

Gotta maximize that engagement by forcing players to log on for longer periods of time!

(Chairmanjeff) #11

I believe Sloot mentioned on his stream that Blizzard told him they did want to add a skip to BoD but the faction switching aspect of the raid broke the tech/made it too complicated.


Well if it’s too complicated because of that tech then they should hotfix it so that Jaina drops two mounts.


Skip to Jaina/Blockade very much needed and must be added.