So about the "Love Rocket."


Is “Love Rocket” on purpose? Like, I know it’s in the back of all of our heads, but I’m genuinely curious if Blizzard did that on purpose.

(Endevôr) #2

seeing as talking about anything of that topic is considered ban-able on forums and presumably in game, i couldn’t see the devs being stupid enough to break their own TOS, these are the guys that brought you WoD and no pvp vendors after all…

(Rechab) #3

Probably a reference to these guys…

(Kittredge) #4

It’s a double entendre. It both means and doesn’t mean exactly what it sounds like.

(Kypookins) #5

But they did.

Naughty jokes/puns are OK for them, but frowned on for us. Yes, the name has the exact joke meaning you think it does.

(Lunkel) #6

To me, it’s nothing compared to the hozen.

(Tovi) #7

You’re asking if the company that made the dailies:

Blowing Hodir’s Horn
Polishing the Helm
Thrusting Hodir’s Spear

did it on purpose? I would say yes, they knew what they were doing.

(Yzzami) #8

What about it? It never drops

(Yayayayayaya) #9

Maybe it’s only a matter of time until the name is changed. They did change the /whistle from what it was for 15 years and you have to keep that loud, offended minority happy.

(Andros) #10

Can you get banned for repeatedly ramming into other players’ characters with your Love Rocket mount?

(Vaelian) #11

There’s a drop named the “Winking Eye of Love”…

(Sinelus) #12

I saw it drop once!..and I didn’t get it


I remember a quest in Uldum where you had to rope camels. Quest was called ‘Camel Tow’ :S

(Zachaios) #14

What about the “My sack is Gigantique” … or that book about the two dudes holding each other’s bag and sword and other “innuendos.” I can’t recall the name of it off the top of my head.


(Lirrise) #15

I saw a draenei with a big love rocket between her legs when I passed by Goldshire. I was surprised because the drop rate is impossibly low :confused:

(Shadina) #16

Nah, definitely on purpose. Alliance can buy a book of innuendos in ICC that’s worth 20k or so and basically literary ‘questionable material’.

(Rosenivy) #17

a lotta the folks at blizz are metal heads. OF COURSE they have a goofy sense of humor that they can get away with


No. They will die. That is the point of Warcraft.

(Fallynn) #19

Every time I see this mount mentioned I die a little inside.



Who needs a love rocket when someone can ride you directly in travel form?