So, about that AQ War Effort auto-complete feature?

You’d have to be able to show that people didn’t stop donating. There are lots of people, like myself, who were in no rush. Once I got what I wanted from turnins, I simply stopped participating. The auto-complete feature means I dont need to bother with trash gathering like light leather, wool, linen cloth, etc that give poor rewards for turning them in relative to my time spent. I’d rather just wait and let the autocomplete do those crappy mats for me.

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It’s not that the people are impatient. They just would like to know what will happen.
They’ve explicit told us it will start 30 days later. But nothing happend. Was that information wrong? Is there a bug? Was it changed? Is that feature even implemented??


Just please give us an answer. It’s hard to make Classic plans without just a clear cut answer from Blizz

:cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:

Would be nice to get any sort of answer.

What is there to fix? They want people playing/grinding and buying server transfers.

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Observant players on realms that are currently in the resource-gathering stage of the War Effort noticed a bug, and are correct. The automatic turn-ins are just now getting started on some realms, as the bugfix is now causing the desired effect.

Due to underlying circumstances that are unique to the AQ events and the way they’re activated, each realm is on a different schedule for ending their 30 day wait before automatic turn-ins will begin. Each realm will begin automatic turn-ins at a different time over the next couple of days (and some may have already begun by the time you’re reading this).

Thereafter, you’ll see small amounts of items arriving automatically every few minutes. The different kinds of items arrive on different cadences.

Sorry for the confusion!


Is this a GM necro?

Thank you for finally turning it on. The invisible turn in BS GMs kept saying was getting old.


You can’t catch up realms as if they started at 30 days after?

I’m sure several of us would love to help ya’ll.

Blizzard just needs to turn off that 90 day thing and let PVE go to PVP servers. ;’)

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Seems like every aspect of every piece of content in classic has some sort of debilitating bug the community has to shove in Blizzard’s face in order for them to notice.


Thank you for addressing this issue, Blizzard!

@the “stop being lazy and go farm” and “it’s not bugged and you can’t convince me otherwise” people, eat crow.

43 hours later and we are still not seeing any auto complete on Felstriker.
Example: Horde Mithril Bars have not moved at all in the last 15 hours

He said the handins would begin “in the next couple of days”. Depending on how literally you interpret “couple”, that still allows a day or two more.

Would be interested to know what the underlying circumstances are that mean each realm is on a different schedule. All realms started on the same day…are some servers based on Mars?

Sounds like Blizz saying just enough to appease people without actually committing to solving the bug that is the root of the issue. Pretty disappointed in the whole circumstance that has lead to this.

Observed autocomplete rate is about 3.3% per day

I can confirm we are seeing 3.3% per day done via Auto-complete on Arcanite Reaper

Apparently on EU-Celebras the auto completion of magewave and wool cloth has stopped with the weekly restart on Wednesday. :confused: Everything else is still at 3.3% / day.

Could someone please confirm if that’s true for other servers too?

US-Sul’Thraze auto completion of Thick Leather (alliance) has stopped. Everything else is still at 3.3% a day.

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