So... about reserved names

OK so my guild and I were there on Name Day and chose Whitemane, all got the names they wanted, which is why we re-subbed and were there in the first place, now Blizzard wants us to spread out due to insane queues and whatnot, however, I go to change a toon to a less populated server and, lo and behold, my name is taken. So, in order to help Blizzard with a smoother launch I get to lose the toon names I wanted. Seems… not right imo.

Your best bet is for your guild to wait until Monday at 1pm Eastern when they release 4 new realms. Everyone make the jump at that time to a fresh server.

So what was the point of reserving names in the first place… shady

I’m not saying it’s ideal. I’m just saying that if you want to move to a lower pop server to avoid stupidly high queues next week, that’s your best chance to keep your names.

I understand what you mean, it’s more the principle of reserving names then being forced to lose them. I know its just a name but they mean more in Vanilla then they did in later Xpacs.

Just play on White mane with the name you want. It will all work out.

The warnings about queues are for your sake, not really Blizzard’s. You weigh the benefits of keeping the name against the cost of waiting in a long queue.

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1.) To reserve names. You can still play on that realm if you want, you’ll just have to deal with massive queues.

2.) To gauge how many people will be playing on each server. The more names reserved, the higher the final population will be, so it prompted them to make new servers to compensate.

3.) To encourage people to resub before Classic launch and possibly convince them to try out BfA (8.2 just launched a month or two ago, so there might be curiosity for returning players to go look at it)

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Again, I understand fully where you guys are coming from, however I feel maybe name reservation shouldn’t have been tied to realm, especially since the devs flat out admitted they had more servers in the pipe depending on how many people showed up for it.

But…that’s how names work? It’s a per-realm basis. Each realm has its own name database.

Of course, but it wasn’t sold as such.

I thought most ppl knew it was per realm. Otherwise there’d be Far less names.

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It…it was, though? Name reservation on your chosen realm. That’s why they announced realms before the reservation period. If the name is more important to you than queue times, stay on the full server. You can keep your name on that server as long as you didn’t delete the character or something.

The queues will decline massively after launch week. It does suck that I got my perfect name on Herod and will now probably be playing on Stalagg on launch night. But I can always go back to Herod if I so choose after a lot of the hype dies down.

I actually do think that they should open a realm that’s only open to transfers from other realms for the first day or two. That way if you got a name and wanted a fresh realm, the only people you’d have to compete against are those on other realms that already have the name.

I got all the names I wanted on the realms I wanted them on, but I can see where people like the op are coming from.

I’m just surprised you got the names you wanted. My wife was unable to get her name on any realm after logging in at the time it opened.

Gotta give, this is why Blizzard should be announcing the new servers well in advance, so people can organize themselves and their groups accordingly to shift at the right time.

That said, it’s just a name, the toon is still going to suck / be a legend based on the player using it, not the name…

No one is making you leave Whitemane

Your just complaining to complain and its just adding more filth to this fourm

honestly dude, i would tell your guild to stay put. I don’t think queues will be that bad, and even if they are, give it a few day or a week or so, it will die down. The worst that will happen is you are slightly behind on the grind but everyone gets to 60 eventually