Snarky jokes at the playerbase's expense

Yeah, I think worgen players have a right to be annoyed by this, especially after, you know…



Not for beta forums. Might wanna try GD

Considering it’s in reference to a Dracthyr joke, in the current Beta Build, it very much so is a ‘beta thing’

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Honestly I see no problem with the joke. Yes, it could be a reference to people wanting non worgen worgens. But there is no way to prove that and honestly it is still funny.

If they actually put worgen with tails in and did not let us have them. Then i could see the reason to be angry.

What’s worse than having a bad joke directly targetted to the frustration of players desperatly wanting worgens to have tail? Having this joke completly ruined by replacing ‘‘Tail’’ by ‘‘Claws’’ in the french localisation to avoid any sexual inuendo, because ‘‘Tail’’ translated in french commonly refer to a male body part too. The double side joke would have been so perfect in french, but they ruined it with ‘‘claws’’ which destroy the reference and made this just confusing and boring.

The same can be said for the male flirth ‘‘I’m hot from Scale to Tail’’ as if players are too idiot to assume the Dracthyr is not speaking of its male attributes, but his caudal tail.

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It came from the artworks they did for the Worgens before Cataclysm. Some of them had tails and the worgen community asked that since then. Unfortunatly, none of the two complete remake of the model had it and it’s still is a debate that come in and out in the community each time a new race comes in with a tail (Pandas, Vulperas and now scallies).

This OP has to be joking or trolling. Otherwise it’s time to unclench.


Welcome to GD.

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Absolute beauty

Well, Worgen tails are also a popular request outside of the official forum cesspool.

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They make jokes about the playerbase all the time, where have you been?

April 1st patch notes, achievements, NPCs…

Heck, in WoD they even had a panda DK follower before players could make them.


Who, cares?
It’s a jest. Nothing more.


There are definitely better ways for blizz to grab attention than zinging their own players for funsies.


Man and I thought my cat was a poor pitiful baby whenever she cries about not being fed.


To be fair I’d cry too if I didn’t eat for 3 days

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You should take better care of your pets.


Manufactured outrage for forum views.

That a yikes XD lol

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They aren’t

We’ll see how much they are laughing when that “joke” costs them tens of thousands in subscription fees.