Small SV suggestion

Ive been playing around with SV in Pve, and its fun. However we have 2 options for AOE, wildfire bomb build, or butchery. Both work and both deal decent burst AOE. But that leaves no sustained aoe option aside from multi stinging, and without hydras bite it is to global intensive to be worth.

My simple suggestion is allow the Latent Poison Injectors to release its stacks with carve, this would allow us to play Hydra’s Bite competitively.


Hydra’s works fine without butchery. Latent just needs a buff. Too weak


Hydras bite only works without butchery, they are both talents on the same row.


Good point. Wasn’t using my big boy brain.

Edit: butchery really not worth due to using bombs leggo. Latent was so good with hydra’s in bfa. Was decent in single target as well.

@wingclipt Yeah I agree, altho I think butch is underrated, it cannot keep up with wildfire cluster.

Definitely agree, just unfortunate how ridiculous cluster is.

Something I need to look at further, but when I tried latent injectors prior to the buff, I felt like it took longer to get a single stack. In BFA just waiting for the gcd resulted in a stack.

I could be wrong I just need to get on the dummy tonight.

I strongly prefer hydras to Butchery, Spreading Serpent sting ramps up great damage quickly and it works great on two target cleave.

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I just want to see, in order of importance:

  1. Latent Poisons buffed and made consumable via Carve/Butchery,
  2. Viper’s Venom to have a chance trigger also from Carve/Butchery,
  3. Butchery to extend your DoTs by 1 second each,
  4. Birds of Prey (to be more broadly viable than for pure single-target raiding) also allowed to trigger from Carve/Butchery, and
  5. Carve damage buffed slightly and its and Butchery’s cooldown reduced by any other special melee attacks (by 1.5 seconds per cast), while Wildfire Bomb damage is reduced slightly.

I’m for the vipers venom change. It needs to proc more…and would help out single target a bit.

Still waiting for the raptor strike buff but maybe vipers venom would be made viable.

I mostly just hate any and all (pure ST) / (2-3 target or cleave) / (3+ target or true AoE) pigeon-holes.

I know some people on these forums have long insisted that talent choices which amount solely to niche, rather than playstyle, is better, since one doesn’t then need to consult 3rd party sources to figure out how things compete in each, nuanced scenario, but I just can’t imagine favoring choice of niche (which will ultimately be swapped out as often as possible as differing situations require) over choice in actual gameplay (which, when reasonably balanced, rarely oblige the player to swap about, and enlarge any given’s specs breadth and depth of attraction).

Though Viper’s Venom and Birds of Prey aren’t ultimately as pigeon-holed as some (since Carve is on CD and even with its instant damage bonus, Viper’s Venom procs are still best used on targets with 30% or less SpS duration remaining, that just made those adjustments feel obvious, low-hanging fruit for improving the actual levels of choice available to Survival.

Latent poison needs to be baseline, and we should get focus regeneration off of serpent sting ticks.

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Why, though? Such essentially just asks that we be even slower to ramp up and have less agency (in that we’d have fewer situations in which to viably burst into a target immediately) and narrower capacity (from that further decreased flexibility).

A truly baseline Latent Poison is much the same. In practice, it acts only to restrict playflow options, narrowing our available viable tactics or shrinking situational negotiation of how we might play. On paper, it’s even more bland—a mere Serpent Sting buff.

Compare that to the likes of Wildfire Clusters, which while certainly dull, don’t shift priorities. Moreover, while Latent Poison requires a full DoT spread (and generating Focus from SpS ticks would often oblige it even before getting just about anything else rolling) to see its benefits, pushing back competing actions in AoE by multiple GCDs if it pushes back them at all, Wildfire Cluster at most pushes back competing actions by one.

I like Latent Poisons as a talent choice, since I can opt in or out as I please, but a design like its is a poor fit for a baseline unless you want to deliberately design a ramp-centric rot spec.

I would say bring back caltrops and redesign them to apply a dot, nature perhaps, after the initial hit. Have spread range = volley(?) perhaps. That would give SV a volley style AOE, that could be sustained.

Baseline? Talent? Replacing what?

I’d rather it not take the same position as Volley does for MM, as I find Chakrams much more unique than a Volley-but-SV, even if it has a faint tradition (Legion).