Small group looking for guild (AOTC) [Frostmourne]

No longer looking


Our guild Sanguine located on Nag/Cael/Saur are semi-casual/hardcore – just like you a lot of us put a high level of effort in gearing and aim to clear heroic as quickly as possible. We cleared this current season too early (4th week) so we ended up raiding 1 night a week for 1h to 1.5hrs for the rest of the season, this season however with the same mindset we are also going to go dab into mythic for fun/casual. So we are looking for 1-2 solid DPS with a healing offspec to fill out our roster. However once prog is over we will be doing full clears in one night until no one needs anything in heroic then we skip and do last boss. Heroic you will be more then welcome to come!
Most of us are over 2.2k io and half of us over 2500 so needing an extra tank/heals for keys will be nice!

Currently we are 7/9 Heroic

We raid Fri/Sat 830pm-1130pm

If interested please contact me on bnet scrankit#6808 or discord crankaz