Small Group LF Active Guild for raiding and M+

Good Morning,

I am looking for a potential homes for my friends and myself to run both M+ and raids. The main requirement is that the guild must be active with a decent pool of players that is active all week long and not just on raid nights. I would consider a dozen people or so being active during prime a good example.

We’re looking for a guild experience, not just a pug where everyone has the same guild name. In that I mean a group of people that support each other, help each other grow and enjoy getting to know each other.

We’re all older players in our 30s or early 40s with diverse senses of humour. We try to avoid political or religious discussions but respect the diversity of others and generally get along with everyone. We’re also tired of looking for a place to call home and will be very cautious with our selection process.

That all being said here is the basic info about us.

Progression - 5/8H and 11/11N
ilvl - 395ish across the board for the most part.
Raid Times - Weekdays preferred, minus Friday. EST/CST Friendly start/end times.
Classes - 5 people and classes are as follows. Paladin any spec or druid any spec (385 ilvl), hunter (They hunt. bang bang), rouge (Not mascara), ret paladin (HurDur!) and a holy priest (glowy jazz hands).

Thank you for taking to the time to read my post.

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I think we can make this comp work.

Add me on discord or bnet so we can chat and see if it’s a good fit for you all.


Disc heifinator#2853
Bnet heifinator#1433

We sound like we might be a good fit. We raid Sat/Sun 7-9:30 PM Eastern and are generally quite active outside of those times as well. If you might be interested hit me up.

Discord: hitze#8703
Bnet: BlitzkriegD#1781

Hey I am the GM of a new guild formed by me and some friends, [Fresh Fries] on Emerald Dream, Horde side. We are recruiting most roles for Dragonflight Heroic raiding on Mon/Wed 8pm-10pm Central and would love to talk to you. Add me on Bnet (iReedMinds#1823) or Discord (iReedMinds#9120)

Warning Adult Content is a New Horde Guild on Illidan forming for Heroic Progression and eventually CE and Mythic + as well. Players of all levels and skill welcome to join. Looking for all classes to form raid team for heroic push. Raid Times are Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm server to 11pm.

For more info Add:
Holytoledo#11464 (GM)
Ell1psis#1812 (Officer)


I have room on Zul’jin Horde. raids T/W (Heroic) 8-11 EST and Normal runs are on Sunday (Optional) 8-11EST. We usually have an active group of folks online during the day and evenings. We are looking for tank at the moment and I several dps spots open on the roster. Kookiebrat#8358 on discord or Brat7373#1620 on Bnet if you want to chat further.

If you’re interested in us, then feel free to initiate a convo. We’re semi-hardcore with the nights that we have, and do a lot of content on off-days; keys and raid-cleanup.


I am the GM of a guild on Stormrage-US-Alliance called Vitality.

Our guild is a small, but very close-knit community that values a fun environment while also pushing into challenging content. We are currently 5/8 H & looking to push into mythic this expansion. Several of our raiders come from mythic experience and we are looking for a few more raiders to strengthen our team.
Our raid times are Tues/Wed 9:30-12 EST.

We run mythic plus throughout the week, but we specifically organize groups on Friday nights with the entire guild. Again, you can often find members in guild chat asking for m+ runs :slight_smile:

On Sunday nights we organize a group for Normal raid for any casual guildies or alts. It’s a great way to have a relaxed raid outside of progression nights.

We would love to have you and your friends! If you have any further questions please reach out to myself or my co-GM through discord.

I’m not spamming a copy paste wall of text. Let’s chat about thia in Discord.


Still looking around. Haven’t finished reaching out to everyone yet, been a long work day for me personally.

Have logs to provide if requested.

We’ll probably start talking to people on the weekend, thanks for all the replies.

Going to bump this up again. Looking for a group that could accommodate us. The tank is willing to play other roles as tank spots are reasonably difficult to find.

Refreshing, we’ve talked to a few people and still trying to contact some.

hey, All,
I love the “guild not pugs who share a guild name” sentiment. Chain Reaction is an established, mid-sized Alliance guild on Lightbringer, and we’re looking to bring in a few more to our ranks.
Our raid times are 7-9:30pm pst. Not sure if that would work for your cst/est needs, but you guys would be more than welcome to hit me up and/or check us out!
I’m RowanBeth #1291 on BattleNet or Beth#0208 on Discord if you’re interested in chatting.