Small / Dead servers

With the AH changes coming soon, a lot of players on my small server are very excited to see these items be cheaper and more accessible to us.

I wonder if there are some other things we could do to help small servers, if server merges are being avoided for some reason or another.

Maybe we could have discounted realm transfer prices to small servers? One of the biggest pain points I have as a recruiter is people not wanting to spend their gold or real money to transfer to a small server, only to have to spend it again if it’s not a good fit because there aren’t any other guilds on the server that would be a good fit. Mega-realms like Area 52, Stormrage, Illidan, Proudmoore don’t have this issue like Vek’Nilash does because there are a hundred guilds just like mine on each of those servers.

I think a cost reduction would go a long way to helping small server guilds increase the population of small servers and even out the server disparity.

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Continuing this thought… it doesn’t make a lot of sense to charge someone $25 to move from a small server to a big server (making the problem worse) and $25 to move from a big server to a small server (helping the problem). Free server moves have been given in the past from full servers to low pop servers.
I’m not asking for it to be free, I’m just asking for helping the problem to be made easier instead of the same cost as making the problem worse.


This is a problem that we have been suffering in Spain for a long time, and the feeling is that we are not being listened to too much.

They recently did a merger that was practically useless as they merged a server with a very small horde population to a medium server with an alliance population, resulting in both servers still having the same issues. In practice, in Spain there is only one functional server, which is the macro server of Sanguino, Zul’jin, Shen’Dralar and Uldum.

It would be wonderful if they merged all the servers on that one, even more so now with the crossfaction. There are English servers that have the same population as all of Spain put together, so please check it out.

Also, I’m sure there are other communities with the same problem. The union of all the servers would make it possible for many people to play many of their characters freely.