Small, but Kael'thas says *spoilers*

“Our people were massacred” if you’re a blood elf and “My people” if you’re not a blood elf during this quest:

It’s the little things :’)


What does he say if you’re a Void Elf?


No idea, haven’t tested void elf!

It would be weird if he recognizes a Blood Elf, but not a Void Elf since both are Thalassian elves. Either way. Great find!


Tyrande dabs on nightborne. don’t see why kael’thas couldn’t dab on void elves.
“You didn’t learn from my mistakes.”


“Sure we did. We used Void instead of Fel.”


(Speculative): He might not consider the Void Elves to be his people anymore.

(Commentary): Small details like this are nice though. I’m hoping Kael’thas had additional dialogue options specifically for Blood Elf players, and maybe Void Elf players as well.


Why should he even know what happened? He was dead since BC


(Commentary): A good point for certain. Seeing a number of elves with deathly pale skin, drowned hair with tentacles, and an aura of the void, well, there’s not much reason to think they’re former Blood Elves.


Well too be fair, Keal Thas himself changed his Bloodelves into green skined with leathery wings and horns. (Quel Danas raid).
He is very familiar with his people dubbing into magics they shouldn’t or looking for alternative sources.
Actually I woulnd’t even be surprised if he is rather curious about it.


Certainly not after he finds out why they are as they are.

Because they betrayed the Horde?

Kael was never a Horde fanboi let alone would ever be. He might even sees them as the monsters they allways were.

He has actually more ties with the Alliance though … the recurrent scheme of them denying help to elves and neglecting them would be an issue.

If I think about it … it is really interesting how often humans failed elves. We shoudl really get rid of them.


Huh? Not at all.

They practiced the magic of the person that betrayed Silvermoon, causing it to get annihilated, not to mention the Sunwell dying. Not to mention the fact that the same powers they wield almost caused the Sunwell to become lost a second time, through Alleria.



  1. He didn’t betray silvermoon. Some elves forbid him to practis that magic he did anyway, thats all. Basically …well the same as Kael Thas.
  2. The sunwell wasn’t interntinally corrupted or destroyed by Alleria but was an unforseen event.
    Do you know someone else who wanted to use the sunwell for some strange things? Kael! His Bloodelves tried to summon Kil Jaedon through it.

I think you give Kael too much credit here.
He is a rather nasty guy who did far worse and has no ties to the Horde or even traditions.

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I believe you are grossly misunderstanding what I’m saying. Dar’Khan Drathir practised void magic - he is the person I make mention to. I hope this clarifies.


Ohhhh I thought you meant Umbric.
I thought we’re talking about Kaels reaction to Voidelves.

We are. If you haven’t done the void elf recruitment chain, I recommend you do it. Umbric uses Dar’Khan’s research as the founding basis for their knowledge of the void; void elves, in a matter of speaking, owe him as their ‘founder’. This is an unrealistic take on the situation, since we know all the context surrounding it, but KT’s reaction would be no less severe than Lor’themar’s.


You are seriously saying that he will hate void elves because they were an unforseen consequence of magical research which only flaw was that one of the researchers who did it was a bad guy? … what?

Is medical research now bad and every doctor should be shunned because we have had some naz*s doing it aswell?

You are a bit over board here it seems.
Step a moment back and try to see it realisticly through is eyes:
Kael is a mage. He did research on his own. He did forbidden research. He coruppted his entire race (but with a benevolent intention), he corrupted the sunwell intentionally.

Kael is actually pretty similar to the void elves and thus I would expect him to be ratehr curious.
Politics, especially Horde politics probably doesn’t care him.


Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. KT’s response would echo that of the current leaders of Silvermoon.

Respectively, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.


Don’t see any evidences or hints for that, especially since the current leaders of Silvermoon stood against him in BC …

Ok. If you say so.
Then we just disagree it seems, which is fine.