<Sloppy One Shot> 6pm-9m T/Th Recruiting! 7/9H

We are currently recruiting for our BoD Heroic Progression - particularly the last two bosses as we are 7/9H.

We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9 PST / 9pm-12am EST.

We are a casual guild, and you should be comfortable with that, but a guild that will pay for flasks and food so long as you keep a steady attendance.

We usually have a group of 10+ consistent players and have downed most bosses with our small group, but do desire more like-minded, chill players especially since the new hip thing is 15man or more for mechanics.

Additionally, we also run M+ all the way up to 14-15 consistently and are trying to put a group together to try even higher!

We desire all class/spec combos are especially desiring a main Tank and Healer (with DPS OS would be great) - Rsham great!

Feel free to message here or send the following a chat in game for questions!