<Slippery When Wet> 10/11 H SotFO - Wed 9pm - 12am CT Cross Faction!

We are back from holiday break, and ready to hit the ground running! We are starting Tank Trials this week for our open tank position!

We’re still actively recruiting new raiders!

Are you returning from a break? New to raiding? Just looking to secure a raid spot before the 9.2 rush? Then we are the team for you! With a casual raid schedule and community focus, we have a great group of people to hang out and enjoy WoW with!

Heya! I am just back after a 4 break, working on my gear (currently 231) if you are interested in a H priest I would love to chat. I can supply logs, be it older from CN but still decent if needed. Hit me up Nazz#1851 if interested.

No clue why it used that alt, sorry

Hey Naz! I’ll reach out to you on when I get home this evening. If you want to chat before then hit me up on Discord at Ochyro#4197.

Hey all! In preparation for 9.2, we will begin doing some alt and fun runs every Wednesday during normally scheduled raid. If you are looking for a home in 9.2, come hang out with us and beat the patch launch rush!

Still actively preparing for 9.2, with a current roster of 23. We still have room for some more DPS!

Spots are filling up fast with 9.2 right around the corner! We are specifically looking for a mage and a DK, but have several dps open.

Looking for some Mage and DK love for our team! Have three other DPS spots available.

What two things do a DK and a Mage have in common?

  1. They both have a frost spec
  2. Both are missing from the SWW roster!

Come hang out and see if we are a good fit for you!

The new raid starts tomorrow! We still have a few DPS spots remaining, reach out on discord or send in an application through the website if interested!

Currently at 24 raiders, still room for a few more!

In the chaotic shuffle of alts and new members, we are now looking for a healer and a mage to fill our ranks! Come hang out and enjoy a casual but focused raid environment!

Wednesday is fast approaching again! Still need a team? Come check out SWW!

We are still looking for a mage to finish out our ranks! Save with poor soul from his sad existence as a sub-par wielder of the arcane arts!

Great night of kills and clears! If you haven’t started raiding yet, what are you waiting for?

Heroic progression is going smoothly, and almost all of our team has tier. Time to blast!

We are capped on melee, just need some more ranged!

A mage, a mage! My kingdom for a mage!