<Slippery When Wet> 10/11 H SotFO - Wed 9pm - 12am CT Cross Faction!

Team Slippery When Wet is an Alliance raid team within the Currently Online Community! We are a one-night a week team focused on achieving AOTC and maximizing our progression on a casual schedule! Our community also hosts Normal Raids, M+ Tournaments, Giveaways and houses many other clans including Diablo 2+3, FFXIV, Minecraft, and Runescape! We are currently looking for DPS to fill our ranks.

Please feel free to message me on Discord at Ochyro#4197 with any questions or concerns.

Raid Times
Wednesdays 9:00pm- 12:00am CT (server)





Good morning all! We are accepting all applicants at this time, and would specifically love to have a Priest (any spec).

Priest bump

A priest has joined our ranks! More priests are always welcome though! We now have all major buffs and debuffs covered.

bump #savethealliance

Man, this looks like a really amazing raid team. If I was me I would definitely check it out

Great team to raid with

Join this team, you won’t regret it

I never see you on alliance anymore BIRD

We are currently looking for a Holy Paladin to bring righteous judgement to the team!

Still looking for more bump. Also 9/10H

Let the Sylvanas progression commence!

Still looking to fill some key positions within our roster! Can you believe our team doesn’t have any hunters, rogues or dps shamans?

We picked up a Rogue and pushed Sylvanas to 60%! There is magic in the air!

AOTC is complete, and 9.2 announcement is right around the corner! Are you prepared?

We are now preparing for 9.2 and considering what our team comp will look like. Biggest needs right now are Mage, DK, and Priest

We are still going strong!

We are preparing our 9.2 roster and beginning tryouts for the team!

Currently at 22 roster moving into 9.2, filling up fast!

We have trials going on this Wednesday for anyone interested in joining!