Slip'kik's Savvy not available

Since the patch today, three different DMT groups have had this issue in a row, where the Slip’kik’s Savvy buff is not available from the guard, after getting king buff. He was not aggro’d before freezing (known issue).


Can confirm same issue - Pagel

also happening on Benediction

Can confirm same issue in 4 DM:N instances on Grobbulus.

Same issue on Deviate Delight

I heard Slipkik saying something last night that he wasn’t in favour of the Chronoboon and was withholding in protest


My ID was fine for about two hours with Slipkik handing out buffs when I cleared it right after the servers came back up. Then suddenly he stopped giving out buffs.

I then recleared it. Managed to get the buff once, click it off, couldn’t get it anymore.

There was just a blue response. Where did it go?

I’m hearing that if Slipkik isn’t trapped, it works fine.

Blue post said they had pushed a hotfix after 10 PDT. My Slipkik broke at around that same time.

We think this is related to some hotfixes that got pushed live a bit after the servers came up. We are still investigating the root cause and hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for the reports!


Thanks! Looking forward to it.

Mesinary-Atiesh has a temporary fix for Slip’kik buff. You CANNOT FREEZE Slip’kik. Just sneak around him!

Other hunters on my realm have confirmed the same thing Greatvein. Here’s some more info that I posted in another post

“I cleared a DMT for buffs on my hunter earlier today and here’s what I + people from my server have found out. DMT is normal except for the fact Slip’kik will stop buffing people approximately 15 buffs after he has been frozen. Only way to fix it is to reset the instance. Hunters on my realm say that if you do not freeze him he does not bug out and continues giving buffs. Fengus and Mol’dar do not have this issue.”

Edit: This also happened about an hour after I got entered the instance I was about to sell buffs out of as well as around 1100 PST (which is also the time a lot of other hunters had issues too)

I can confirm that if you do not freeze Slipkik he will continue to provide buffs as he normally does. So sorry to anyone buying buffs but you’re going to have to watch out for his pathing today.

A hotfix was deployed a short time ago that should resolve this issue. Please note that if you had a Dire Maul instance spun up when this hotfix was applied (around 3:15PM PDT) you will need to reset your instance to pick up this fix.

Thanks for the reports!


I think the new patch has caused a problem for the weapon flame wrath. It appears to have undergone a change where there is a very long icd for the item and the icd only happens after multiple consecutive procs which can happen after another. There isnt meant to be an icd after 3 hits for a weapon. Icd is usually after 1 hit. I have recorded it and can upload soon.