Slimes and oozes for undead hunters

(Peppermint) #1

Yes, I know some of us have had a slime hunter pet ever since Blizzmade a mistake in Wrath and let us keep it. But, it’s been a decade now. Ten whole years. It’s time to open up some slimes and oozes to other hunters.

Like the way gnomes and goblins got to tame mechanical pets, and all other hunters could get the ability by buying a book, I think undead should be able to tame slimes. Until Queen Whoopsimevilnow gassed the whole place, undead lived “lived” in a city full of slime. It kinda makes since. (Also, have the book be on an NPC and cheap to buy this time so there isn’t any Alliance tears over undead hunters getting it free. OR maybe have alchemists come up with the way to tame them, like how engineers made the mechanical taming book. OR have some, I dunno, human NPC figure out how to tame slimes and will give that information only to human hunters. There, an Alliance race gets it free too. OR some combination of the above).

Now, to appease hunters that have the mistake slime pet, I’d be OK with limiting the tamable slimes to models that don’t have a humanoid skull for a “head”. After all, in away, these could be seen as being more… post humanoid than closer to beast.

I guess the main problem is so many slimes being tagged as elementals. But, that didn’t stop the taming of some mechanicals, so… Also, Blizz could just put in a few new tamable slimes and oozes so they don’t have to change old content. That’d be cool too.

(Snikrot) #2

Forsaken should also be able to tame undead animals. Bone doggies are still good bois.

(Peppermint) #3

They’re all good bois, Brent.


I can’t be the only one to want slime pets, can I?

(Ðoomaxe) #5

I just miss how unique pets use to be. Now they all get the same skills with no diversity.

(Fyrstaries) #6

Are there any players who still have the original slime pets? I would love to encounter that in WPVP. That’d be hilarious. “Oh no’s, I’ve been slimed… ack”

(Peppermint) #7

I bet there’s at lease one or two and I’ll bet they’d raise such a stink if slimes became tamable.

(Hawkéns) #8

only if i get a worgen pet…

(Peppermint) #9

You can pet worgens all you want, they’re on your side.

(Eiry) #10

I had a worgen pet and they took it from me!

I will never forget you, you weirdo.

(Hawkéns) #11

But ya, i can’t help think of the slime from game shows now…

(Talacocheta) #12

I had one, too. Well, two actually, since it was found out that they would convert back to the white wolf if you accidentally took it into an arena, and I was doing arena back then - so I tamed two of them, just in case.

It won’t let me post a link even with the workaround, so yeah, my pic is on
imgur dot com/51BeG4S