Slaughter from the Shadows

Could you at least TRY moving it to the gloves slot in the PTR? I get that rogues still won’t use it because mutilate is 40 energy, but if it was in that slot it might at least have some potential value at some point when you figure out mutilate at 40 energy is too strong…


They can leave it where it is… There’s plenty of talents in assassination that improve poison dmg and rate of application… just make mutilate 60 energy and let it then benefit from slaughter from the shadows.

It shouldn’t benefit from slaughter from the shadows. It has enough benefits over backstab that it should always be 60 energy. They clearly understood this when they specifically excluded it from the rune originally. They also have years of usage data with mutilate and backstab side by side and I am pretty sure there have been exactly zero times where backstab has been the better build since mutilate was introduced.

Edit. And they can’t leave it where it is because it is in the same slot as deadly brew which makes it so you are double stacking poison applications. That rune is essential for every activity except pvp or in very limited pve circumstances.

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You’re missing my point… if the energy cost goes back to 60 and they change sfts to also make mut cost less which it currently doesn’t then it would force the lovers of mutilate to take slaughter over deadly brew if they want the reduced energy cost. mut should also be positional like backstab. deadly brew isnt necessary when youre going that far into assassination for all the poison buffing talents… we are trying to get away from “oNe SeT of Runes” no matter what spec you choose… deadly brew imho should benefit the swords, mace and fist rogues who dont normally spec into assassination for increased chance to proc a poison or increased dmg from poisons. just my 2 cents, and thoughts on pulling rogues out of the mutilate monotony.

No. They will just play it with deadly brew and 60 energy like they did phase 1. There is no chance someone chooses 40 energy mutilate over deadly brew.

It does which is why assassination is the only spec right now regardless of swords or daggers. Changing slaughter from the shadows to include mutilate doesn’t change this.

What would change this is something like changing cut to the chase to also refresh blade flurry. What would change this is making a rune that cuts the cool down for adrenaline rush in half and lowers it further every time you use a finisher. What would change it is a rune that doubled dual wield damage and stacks with the talent.

None of that appears to have ever been considered. They likely would be overpowered. But the fact remains that currently deadly brew has that level of impact.

Sounds like you’re describing a version of Cataclysm’s Combat Rogue build. I’m very into that. Making something like Blade Flurry a toggle option (also reduced energy regeneration when blade flurry is active) with a slight cooldown so using it during fights requires some co-ordination to ensure no downtime when swapping from single target to multi-target could be super fun. Would also benefit tank rogue tremendously, and those wishing to play Combat Swords would know that they could out perform Muti rogue on multi-target fights.

a rune that cuts the cool down for adrenaline rush in half and lowers it further every time you use a finisher

This is Restless Blades, which in game reads as:

Your Damaging finishing moves reduce the cooldown of your adrenaline rush, killing spree, redirect and sprint abilities by 2 sec per combo point

Now I don’t know how any of this would be balanced, or how the scalings + coefficients for crit chance and poison procs would be handled, but just the combination of these two changes would make an entirely separate build path for rogues viable. If these runes were implemented they would benefit both DPS rogues who want an alternate build path and Tank rogues would are in need of multi-target threat generation, all while pulling people away from the bog-standard mind-numbing mutilate build. Would also mean that many of the 1H Agi swords + maces wouldn’t be going to waste.

Could be too broken though. I’m not sure.