SL Mount Voting: are CE buyers out of luck?

So, I read that if you bought the Shadowlands collector’s edition by a certain date, you’d get the mount that wins the vote. Ok, cool. However, looking over the “refund” policy in place regarding buying it in-game, ready for launch day AND THEN buying the physical edition, I’ve decided to wait on my purchase. I’m ok with that.

But then does that mean we are left out of the free mount since we have to wait for shipping to enter the code to tell the game we indeed bought the expansion?

Maybe you should spend less time reading false information, and more time reading official posts explaining everything you’re worried about.

Literally doesn’t say you need the CE edition.


its for q1 2021
You’ll have the game on your account by then
Youre fine

Also as said above, anyone who owns any edition of the game in q1 2021 will get the mount. Even if its the most basic edition

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Dang dude, chill. I never said anything about me thinking I needed the CE.
Thanks for the info though.

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The CEs are also shipping early so you’ll likely have the game code in your hand and attached to your account before 10/27.


Appreciate it. The whole quarter thing tripped me up I think. I swear I saw something different on a twitter post. Not sure why I thought it was a limited time offer of some kind, sort of like the horde motorcycle.

I think the Slimy Kitty sounds cool