Skywall connecting with Silver/Mok Changed to August 4th

Welcome Skywall! As a long time player on the Silvermoon server, we are happy to have everyone!

Hello. I’ve been on Skywall since BC and am really exited to meet new people!

We’re about to become a cluster of 4 realms actually. Skywall, Drakthul, Silvermoon and Moknathal.

Welcome. I hope the transition is smooth on Tuesday.

Is it sad when even Blizz forgets your realm exists? LOL…

See you all soon!

EDIT: It seems some people in the main thread are pointing out that something seems off about the realms listed - there may have been a mistake.

I thought it’s funny there’s almost no mention of Drak’thul… beginning to wonder if Blizzard was just going to pull the plug on them.

It’s basically just the server we used to put alts on before they removed the cap.