Skyfury sucks

Could potentially happen if they ever implement transfers! I really hope they don’t though.

Skyfury Best Server :heart:

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What are your thoughts on Fresh->Fresh server transfers? We’re stuck in a hole here.

Oh thank you miss almighty huntress. I truly couldn’t have done it without you.

I dont sit in queues though. I get in locked and full servers instantly. But I will still thank you anyways.

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This is a tough one, tbh!

While I can totally understand how frustrating queue times are for people who are frustrated by them (I too hit 3.5+ hour queues almost every day), I personally feel that’s a part of the Classic experience and we know it’s temporary, so it’s something that we can deal with for now.

The alternative (of dealing with it on an individual basis, for example by playing on a different server, or working around it), at least in my opinion is server transfers, which have shown time and time again in the past to have very seriously negative effects on server balance and often on overall population, leading to either completely imbalanced servers or server death.

If the server becomes trash, then I’d be OK with not being able to transfer off. At least if that’s the tradeoff for having a Classic server that is not impacted by the damage that can be caused by server transfers being available.

That’s my opinion at least. Of course you can disagree or have a different opinion and I’m still happy to have a conversation with you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, brave goat.

Cope overdose lol. Lmao even.


Not really. You can always just play somewhere else if you’re not enjoying your experience. We mostly have multiple level 70s, and a lot with full S4 gear, epic flying and maxed professions in our guild. I’m not sure where the “cope” is in that. We’re enjoying the server and the fresh experience.

Disrupting that with transfers would be a shame. And obviously, they know how disruptive it can be.

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I already cancelled my sub but it’s pre-paid for another month or two. You are relishing in a 3.5 hour queue as if that was ever part of classic (I played since launch, I can guarantee you it wasn’t). That is the definition of cope. There is no argument or further discussion here. Lmao.

Anyways, I think transfers between Fresh realms are fine. The reason is that we’re like a week into this thing. There is very little server identity, there is plenty of time for Blizzard to realize they underestimated Fresh server demand, and to act on it - just like they did today with the opening of Angerforge. Now they just need to offer Fresh->Fresh transfers instead of asking people with 4 days /played to re-roll.


I’m not relishing in the queue; I’m enjoying the server, regardless of the queue. Attempts to offer knee-jerk reaction “fixes” will only harm the health of the server, and we have ample evidence to support that.

Fair! And I think you can come up with some very reasonable support as to why, while at the same time I completely disagree and can also come up with some very reasonable support as to why.

We can get along, and disagree. I’d point to the past and the havoc that transfers have wreaked in support of my current opinions.

this is pretty cringe

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You could xfer to a PvE server. Would solve all of your problems.

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There’s already 12,000 level 70s on Skyfury. WTF? LOL

explains why I cant find barely any low lvl horde they’re all sleep deprived and 70 smh

I am on a Fresh server. I cannot transfer. If by “transfer” you mean “re-roll” I won’t do that. I’ve already canceled my sub.

If you want lower queue times, then roll Horde and gank Asmongold and his followers until they leave.


This is a great idea but ultimately would result in me re-rolling and losing my progress, which is what i’m trying to avoid. This is a responsibility of the Horde. Anytime anyone wants to know who is where, just whisper me :stuck_out_tongue:

Really tempting but what tybo said

This entire game is a time sink LOL.

Maybe just be better and stop dying all the time

I disagree, pushing players away from the game due to queue times is not an acceptable practice and just sets Classic up to be unhealthy long term when the majority of the playerbase leaves… again

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A perfectly reasonable thing to do :slight_smile:

Maybe! I mean, it also depends on what the alternatives are. We’ve seen time and again that transfers can cause serious damage to server health, so that’s also not an acceptable practice, though it does take longer for the effects to be noticed.

Ideally, they’d be able to scale their servers to adjust for the population demand and we wouldn’t have queues. If that’s an option, then sure I’m all for it.

The solution is transfers, the same way they handled Sulfuras. They aimed for a 50/50 transfer split, then locked the server. Just do it again.