Skeram to Arcanite Reaper?

Arcanite Reaper never came up as an option for the free transfer even though it was mentioned in the blue post.

Same here. Been watching since the option first appeared and Arcanite Reaper has yet to be listed. We need to know if the option is still on the table so we can decide on taking the hearthseeker option or not.

There’s some evidence that suggests the transfers are based on faction. What faction are you two?

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10 chars required


Horde. The option for Arcanite Reaper was never listed.

Are you trying on the alliance side moose?

We still need people on Arcanite Reaper. They need to open them up again.

I transferred my alliance character to Heartseeker, I did not see the option for Arcanite Reaper either. So I don’t know what happened to it after it clearly stated it was a choice.


Its hard to use the free character move as soon as possible when it never came online to begin with. That’s the point we are trying to get across here.


I’m not sure how you can accurately define the difference between “it never came online” and “I was not fast enough to see it”.

It’s possible that it never came online, but I don’t think we have definitive knowledge of that just because some of you never saw it.

I watched as the Latin America options went away. There was no option for few seconds, then only the hearthseeker option became available. I have also been asking on the Arcanite Reaper server and have not heard from anyone who has successfully transferred.

Communication is so important. They keep making posts about how they are trying to fix their communication with the community but this didn’t get updated until two hours after server transfers started. This was a key piece of information that should have been included in the original post.

"I’ve updated the original post here.

Free Character Moves from Fairbanks, Herod, Incendius, Kromcrush, Skeram, and Stalagg are only available to Horde characters.

We had some unexpected technical issues when we first enabled this service a couple of hours ago, and we’ve been working through those.

Thank you!"

We need both factions on AR, literally dead af. Coming from Horde.

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