Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?


Guy is just baiting replies at this point. Just let the thread die already. It’s a circle of someone calling zone disruption and the OP calling it valid PVP/strategy.

Blizzard already warned him, the rules are what they are. Thread needs to die.

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Oh no he does, he just thinks abusing guard mechanics is the same thing as him getting corpse camped so it’s acceptable.


So being a jerk is bannable/suspendable? Just because it irritates you, it must be stopped or removed? Solution: kill me. It’s a PvP server where two factions are at war…lol. Pretty sure being a “jerk” is minor in the grand scheme of wow


am i wrong? everyone seems to agree on that mmmm

nah , its them , everyone else is wrong!

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You explained why they can’t kill you in the OP, since you are abusing nuetral guard mechanics there isn’t a pvp solution.

Now if you were just killing the FM that would be a different thing.


Right. Abusing guard mechanics by not using them in fact abusing them. Like I said they’re functioning properly in a neutral city on a PvP server. If I do not initiate contact, nothing is done to me. How hard is that to grasp?

Sitting down also does not make me immune to PvP. Have died many times and been camped even in gadgetzan. Sounds like a PvP solution worked after all.

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Then go sit in some random place, choosing to sit on a FM knowing it will result in people inadvertantly clicking you is when it becomes abusing gaurd mechanics.


Hahaha I love it. You can now abuse mechanics by doing nothing at all. When someone else does something it’s my fault. Terrible precedent to set on a PvP server

And again, it sounds like the system they designed is working as intended. Especially on a PvP server


Its not against the rules at all in any capacity! Play on a PVE server, hell I remember the days of old we used to form raids and sit out side stormwind and Ironforge killing everyone within reach and low level players could only FP out.


Depending on context, it very much is.

People have been banned/suspended for things like foul language, scamming, ninja looting, mob training, etc.

Your offense (and yes, it was an offense) falls in the same vein. You deserved a suspension, and your attitude in this thread (trolling or not) shows you deserve a perma-ban and account deletion.

Take your trolling to the Customer Service forum, it might be more appreciated there.

Have a great day.


How does my attitude in this thread warrant a perm ban and account deletion? Because I disagree with something?

Because I acknowledge my actions? Good thing you’re not a GM with that attitude lol.

Also be careful with the language of being a jerk…anything done to the other faction on a PvP realm could be considered just that - acting like a jerk. And being a jerk justifies a ban?


Wow QQ moar… so salty lol


I’m salty eh? Nah. Not even close


So the sole motivation of the OP is to cheat with game mechanics in order to ruin the game experience of others with the unfair advantage.

And then complains when this gets him in trouble with the mods.

What kind of persons enjoys this type of game play? A cancerous sociopath.


Trolling and being a scum bag POS?


Remind me again what the unfair advantage is…? The FM is still available to be used. I believe I can be killed like anyone else.

I think your emotions are getting in the way of rational thinking. He’s being mean to me on a PvP server!!! He’s sitting on the FM. The horror!

Channel your inner anger and uh just kill me sitting there. Been done before


Blizz too lazy to put a little collision volume around them.


Zone disruption or not, it’s a d-move. Just get off the npc’s.


Hahaha ok bud


This is all you need to repeat to yourself OP. You are triggered (for days now).

Just breath and let it go.