Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?


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Go do some basic reading on basic things. Wipe the drool off your face too, it makes you look dumb. Sick of responding to dumb people making dumb statements about things they blindly didn’t look at. And before you also make the excuse of not looking at previous posts, try to consider doing that before making an assertion that makes you look stupid.

^ Like this moron.


“Let’s say there wasn’t a way to turn on name plates.” Except there is.


I’m trying to explain Blizzard’s reasoning behind doing this. Not everyone knows you can turn on NPC nameplates. Even some people who know you can turn on enemy nameplates don’t know that.

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Kinda stupid when you have to slowly explain and repost the same thing when showing WHY blizzard does something like this.

You shoulda been here for the Area 51 vendor QQ threads in TBC. That was the time when lots of people learned about how to use nameplates to select NPCs.


:joy: reminds me of blizzards excuse for removing vendors in retail. “Players couldn’t find them” Guess they have to pick battles once in a while.


Now now kiddo. Take a chill pill. Guess that comment hit home a little too much. You were actually saying that. In your very long posts…lol.


No. You’re wrong. What possible reason could you have for sitting on an opposite faction FM in a neutral city? Other than to get noobs to click on you?
This isn’t new. Now sure some of us will use /target because we fell for this over a decade ago. You know damn well what you’re doing by putting your toon there but just for laughs: What’s your purpose in ptting your toon on top of the other faction’s FM in a neutral city?


Bruh… you know what you are doing is a douche move… coming here and trying to pretend you are some innocent little person being attacked by the man for no reason is pathetic…

0/10 Troll grade…


Again bad taste, but zone disruption? Stay on topic. I haven’t denied what I did one bit

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If Blizzard said that’s what they consider it (and you quoted a Blue in the OP) that’s the official word.


UnDeAd rOgUe


Explain to me how I’m abusing game mechanics while sitting idle. Please. And please explain how that’s remotely close to abusing the guard aggro by Safespotting?

And yes. I should have put asterisks on topic “trigger warning” because of the current distaste for undead rogues

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Because you are setting it up so people will inadvertantly attack you while trying to use the FM which results in the guards attacking them not you.


Sounds like a neutral zone on a PvP server to me. So what is the issue exactly? System is functioning as intended


thus perpetuating the distaste for uNdEaD rOgUeS


It’s possible to skip around this grief method by enabling friendly nameplates and clicking on that.

Clicking on stuff is how players both interact with NPCs and attack other players. Blizzard didn’t think that game mechanic through enough when they made the game, so exploiting that fact does sort of make them mad.

The GM didn’t say that you were safe-spotting, only that it falls under the same category as it.


Stop being a huge dick OP.

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Blizzard already explained it, if you want clarification try posting over in the Customer Support forum. That could be enlightening for you.

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Yes and if you weren’t trying to block a FM there wouldn’t be a problem.

However you are trying to prevent a FM from functioning as normal which is why it becomes zone disruption.


sad he doesnt even realize it


Yes it is.

Learn to not be a jerk.