Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?


You’re avoiding guard aggro by hoping the opposing faction hits you, and the guards eat their face, instead of your’s. We already went over this :cocktail:

You put yourself in a safespot. Guards aren’t attacking you, for the fight that you’re causing by positioning yourself in a way to get others to attack you.

You can flip it around as much as you’d like to gloss over your intentions, you’re safespotting and causing zone disruption. Whether you believe it or not :cocktail:


I put myself in a safespot in a neutral city? Do you understand what you just said? Holy crap

I’m safespotting sitting down…causing zone disruption. Dang. Why not make neutral cities to the point where it’s neutral and you can’t attack anyone? Isn’t that what you’re getting at?

Oh I need to edit! Sounds like retail is the place for you with PvP mode enabled


Killing the flight master and killing guards are “acceptable forms of zone disruption”. Which kinda makes me laugh when Blizzard separates “unacceptable zone disruption”. Probably due to the very low risk nature of what you are doing and the lack of default control measures to deal with the situation.


Like I said, no constructive dialogue. Enjoy yourself :cocktail:


Wait so you’re saying that killing the FM making the FM unusable is the same as me sitting on a live NPC that is accessible unaccessible.

Lack of methods to deal with me? I’ve been killed and camped within gadgetzan by mages and hunters who have not been killed by guards. Seems that PvP is working to me

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Killing Flight Master: Acceptable - You are accepting the risk and doing the necessary damage and fighting to achieve this. The NPC can also respawn.

Sitting on the Flight Master: Unacceptable - You are risking nothing by blocking the hitboxes of a usable NPC as long as you want.

If you are under level 48 you are not only risking nothing, there is no incentive for level 60s other than clearing you out for lowbies.


Except I’m not blocking anything. Good grief. The FM can and is still being used. Blocking implies it’s not usable by any means


I should also add, killing the FM over and over has been noted as griefing. Which I am not doing. Nor avoiding guard aggro which implies me attacking the faction


The default means of interacting with NPCs is by right click. You can perfectly block players from right clicking the NPC.

Just because there are /target and nameplate options that can be uniquely used to bypass this, doesn’t make it ok. Especially if Blizzard is breaking addons that read rogue stealthing from the combat log.


Griefing is not actionable on PvP servers unless its same faction collusion or griefing someone on the same faction.


So being on a PvP server, my “griefing” is not actionable? Yeah?


Blizzard changes the rules everyday but they’ve had archived information ruling things out like corpse camping, killing lower levels etc.

On PvP servers that stuff isn’t considered griefing or harassment but it would be on a PvE server.


Now you’re throwing in the spy addon that alerts the opposing faction of nearby enemies to my sitting on the FM. Bit of a reach if I ever saw one


They did the same thing to spy as they did to safespotting and NPC blocking.

ALL of those used to be fair game. Now none of them are. Deal with it.


So what you’re saying is that what I’m doing is mean, but okay in terms of a PvP server? Sounds about right.

What rule did they change in regards to me? Sitting down now a crime? Just happens to be on the FM. Address the issue - either make cities truly neutral, or make it an all out war.

I’d guess war if I Were on a PvP server

Mobile spelling heh


You keep conflating my opinion with Blizzard’s actions.

Just because I think dishonorable things are fair game on a PvP server doesn’t mean Blizzard does.

Zone Disruption.

If it disrupts a zone when you do, yes.

That’s a disingenuous statement. We all know the intent for this.

They actually did this in later expansions with sanctuaries like Shattrath. But they still kept neutral cities like Area 51 lol.


Listen to what you’re saying. Sitting down on a PvP server is zone disruption? Shoot. Anything can be considered zone disruption with a blanket rule such as that.

How does that equate to guard avoidance with safespotting? No one has been able to explain that. Oh wait - I was avoiding the guards by avoiding PvP which was initiated by the opposite faction thereby making me the at fault party. With this stance anything reported that ticks off others is zone disruption

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Dude, you purposely went to a flight master and sat in its hit box on the off chance the opposite faction attacks you triggering the guards. Theres no other reason that you would go out of your way to sit directly on a flight master. Not only are you disrupting, you are also a coward.


Sitting down by itself isn’t zone disruption.
Sitting down on a flight master to block their hitboxes is zone disruption.

It’s like safespotting.
Shooting someone in a town isn’t zone disruption.
Shooting someone in a spot that guards don’t aggro simply because blizzard programs their game badly, is zone disruption.


It’s not like safespotting in the least. Their hitbixes are not blocked. Zoom in. This implies their boxes are still available. Are you new to the game or buy your account?


I mean, if you’re sitting down, you’re not blocking anything. Now standing right on top of them, I could see that as the characters always move.