Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?


Again. How is abusing game mechanics by sitting down abusing game mechanics?

Am I attacking anyone and avoiding guards? Nope.

Is the FM still available? Yep and still usable.

Tell me where it is even remotely relatable to safespotting? Lol. Hint:it isn’t. Just blizzard trying to keep as many subs as they can.

Can’t wait to see what the blizzard apologists have to say!


Let’s say there wasn’t a way to turn on neutral NPC nameplates and a way to interact with them.

The hitbox coverage on dwarf FP would actually lock out the flight path and it would be impossible to use it without attacking you. That is most definitely abusing the game mechanics.

Now for all the people who don’t know how to turn on this very obscure targeting and interaction method, they’ve have to attack you because they don’t know this obscure interaction even exists.

You know this. We know this. Even worse, there are lv47s that do this so we as 60s don’t get honor for wiping them out for the lowbies.


Reminds me of when I used to babysit my younger brothers. “stop hitting him, don’t touch him.” "ok…sits RIGHT NEXT TO HIM…everyone knows what he’s doing, HE knows what he’s doing…his response to me “BUT I’M NOT TOUCHING HIM…JUST LIKE YOU ASKED ME NOT TO.” Cringe behavior…a very basic passive aggressive satisfyingly gratifying to them in some weird convoluted way. “I"M NOT TOUCHING HIM!!” Looms less than an inch away…“Wha? I’m not doing anything wrong!” Just reminds me of when kids do that is all…carry on…


It’s not obscure. Dont play stupid. By omission you are admitting that what I’m doing is not against TOS, but what I’m doing his in “bad taste”.

You beat around the the bush by saying its morally wrong, but not against rules. Let alone have it fall in the category of zone disruption. Shame on you.

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You are trying to get into pvp in such a way guards don’t attack you, functionally it’s no different than safe spotting.

And no you have disrupted the use of the FM as it is not as accessible as it should be, hence zone disruption.


In my opinion it forces people into PvP like any standard ganking attempt would.

Actually I believe it’s morally wrong and its zone disruption. But I don’t think being morally wrong or Zone Disruption should be against the rules.

Blizzard states Zone Disruption against the rules even on PvP servers.

So that should really be where your crusade ends.

Trying to convince people that your actions are not zone disruption is disingenuous and dumb.


I’m not PvPing. I get zero honor. I get zero benefit from this. Unlike safespotting. I get zero benefit

Nullifies what you just said

And it is STILL accessible. The FM is there for you to use. He/she ain’t gone. How many times I need explain?


Actually if the guards attack someone you can finish the player off and get honor.

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OP, you got your answer.

In the words of the old evangelical musical, “Your arms are too short to box with God.”


Should we call a wah-mbulance for you? Do you want a hug? R U OK?

For someone that griefs people you’re awfully bent out of shape. Maybe you should do something more fulfilling with your life.


Fun fact: I get ZERO by sitting idle. I don’t retaliate. I continue to sit there.

Oh and I can attack and get honor but attacked by guards. I choose not to get on the bad side of them. Learn to play or click. Up to you


Oh brother, looks like you need a much longer vacation :cocktail:


Vacation? Just got done with thanksgiving? You want to have someone silenced on the forum with whom you have a differing opinion?

I hear Russia is quite nice this time of year.

You have provided nothing to my original post that says sitting on a FM is “zone disruption” on a PvP server is not zone disruption. But then you’ll turn around and say well blizz said so. Comical really

It is simply a blanket response from blizzard responding to the window-lickers aka “I can’t click the FM must report waaaaah”


You must be Earlthecat horde druid on herod. He does this a lot.


Oh am I? Do tell! Have I got you once or twice? Maybe more?


You’re being argumentative which doesn’t allow for constructive dialogue :cocktail:

I did, four days ago :cocktail:

It’s clear, you want the opposing faction to hit you, so the Guards can roflstomp your attackers, for you. It’s not complicated to understand :cocktail:


You’re right. Click the FM not me. How dense can you be?


Sit away from the FM. Don’t sit on them. How complicated can that be? :cocktail:


general idiot alert


Thanks for that excellent contribution. So how does sitting on the FM sitting idle fall under the same umbrella as safespotting and avoiding guard aggro

The source requires human interaction which I do not provide