Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?


I’m pretty sure blizzard would be well within its rights to holiday thgis guy simply for coming into the forums to post about the disciplinary action taken against himself.

If not I do hope he’s still outthere doing the same thing, to really drive home the value of a perm solution. its ok OP you can still “sit down” you just will be looking at your pc desktop instead.


Oh scheisse, I didn’t realize they leashed before reaching the player. Okay, makes sense now.


So you have an issue with me doing nothing and getting punished? I don’t deny what I was doing.

Nothing was made unavailable due to what I was doing. I wasn’t avoiding guard aggro…in fact I was right next to them. Funny how they don’t aggro while sitting idle

Fun fact. I have been killed outside of aggro range without the guards attacking the person.


Why are you guys still feeding this troll garbage?


I’m not sure why you are dragging this out. Big Blue already established that it’s considered zone disruption. Nothing you may say will change that fact.


Oh look, another retail character troll thread. :roll_eyes:


I’m not picking sides here, but the real question to answer is why are you sitting on the flightmaster, and why is it so important to do so?


That’s what I was just thinking haha.


Why not? If I like to spend my time sitting there then so be it. Not really a concern of yours…unless you click me

Addition: you going to ask the same question of those 10+ alliance camping me while leveling? Bet not. It’s because they can and on a PvP server.

So I returned the favor and it seems like a blanket response from blizz for zone disruption from multiple reports by people who can’t click. Again not my problem


When you sit in the FM, you cover the NPC, expecially if it is a small race NPC. Humans Dwaves, Goblins, Gnomes, Undead etc are dwarfed by nelfs and taurens and orcs etc.
Heck, if i stand on a human FM, the FM is gone, there is only me.

Someone trying to click on the FM, especially a gnome, has a real good probability of clicking you instead, and since you have to RIGHT CLICK the FM, which is also the ATTACK function, suddenly you hit the guy sitting on the FM.
He of course does not move or retaliate, so the guards come over
and beat the bejesus out of the guy who was just trying to get a flight out of town.

The OP knows what he is doing, he is doing it on purpose, he is trying to get people whacked by the guards.
Anything else he says is just him jerking your chain.


I haven’t denied that one bit. But, the FM is still AVAILAbLE. You’re acting as if I killed the FM and made it impossible to fly out. I have not.

You ought to understand the numerous people have found this out and fly out with zero issues. If a Tauren is on the FM she/he is still there. Walk inside said toon and use the FM. It isn’t rocket science

For comparison: a boulder in a road is impassable. But in wow it’s only graphical and not physical. So zoom in.

Bosses don’t just fall over because you walked into an encounter. You find ways to defeat(re:zoom in or not click me). If you don’t engage said boss you don’t die. If you don’t click me you don’t get attacked. It’s totally up to you and how you handle the situation. Or you could just destroy me like many others have done


There is no legitimate reason to sit on the opposing faction’s flight master other than to get people killed by guards. That is 100% griefing.


The reason is because I want to? The legitimate reason I want to sit on the FM is because I want to. What bearing does that have on you? I’m sitting.

You’re not addressing how I’m zone disrupting by sitting. It’s still accessible. Nothing is made unavailable. Just don’t click me.

(Ziryus) #326

You’re making it harder to access the flight master.


I don’t think anyone cares what you want OP, you’re just a douche bag.

You’re not wrong, you just don’t matter.


So I’m not wrong in what I’m doing? You just don’t agree with it? You should be in politics.

Edit:so the lot of you disagree with what I’m doing, but at the heart of it I’m not doing anything wrong. Got it. If blue say it bad then bad. If government say bad then bad? Got it. Just disregard what is actually happening.

Zone disruption is very vague and should not be taken lightly(/sarc). Big bad blizzard got a few reports from someone must mean bad. Must mean I’m bad.

(Cyniel) #329

None of us HAVE to answer how you’re disrupting the zone… You were reported and Blizzard said you were disrupting the zone… and quite honestly their administration of their rules is the only opinion that matters.

Have a wonderful evening.


Yeah so is constantly camping me while leveling. See me crying about being camped? Nope.

There is no legitimate reason to camp me while leveling? Is that griefing? Nope.

Sitting in the FM is not griefing. Learn to play, or click.

Blizzard is just catering to the knuckle-draggers who pay their salary…the very few blizzard employees that are still employees and not based in Angola.

And chances are they don’t focus on wow. Just one of a few taking tickets over multiple blizzard games taking the easy road

(Ziryus) #331

Getting corpse camped is pvp happened on a pvp server not griefing.

Abusing game mechanics to try to block off a flight master and get people to accidentally attack you is griefing.


If he can’t disrupt the zone, he will surely disrupt the forums instead.