Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?


That was never the case in vanilla.

People camped flight masters all of the time. Hunters were on the rooftops in gadgetzan all of the time…


So you’re sitting on the opposite faction flight master to try to have Alliance accidentally click you and get mauled by guards- you’re lucky you only got warned and not banned.

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You can’t rules-lawyer Blizzard. Go forth and sin no more.


Pretty self explanatory :cocktail:


No, YOU are missing the point, actually several points. You know what you’re doing is disruptive, that is exactly why you are doing it. Dont come here with this crap thinking you’ll get sympathy. Dont do @sshole stuff and you wont get called out for it.

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well, considering you have to consciously move to sit/ afk on a flight master, yes its disruption in a way. what other reason would you have to purposefully do that other than the intent of someone misclicking?


Not in classic. It’s a right click.


who are you trying to convince here? yourself, or other people?


Oh, dont even bother, he will just sit there playing his obtuse Woe is me, i have been wronged card.

He is the kind of person that holds a nuclear detonator in one hand
While holding a small child as a body shield, then when the child is shot to stop him from pressing the detonator, he will do TV interviews claiming he is not to blame for the child’s death, he did not make the police shoot the child, he was simply holding it, he is the victim here wrongly blamed for the death.


bruh ur retarded, i’m sure of it.


sitting on flight master means you accidentally attack people and die… kinda annoying how high level hoard can one shot you in gadgetstan but the guards cant kill them x’D so balanced


Holy moly. OP obviously got silenced by moderators. And everyone is still replying.

10/10 troll. Perfect landing.


He did?
How can you tell?


Cause he hasn’t made a post in 17 hours.

Good chance we will see him in 7 more hours.

Or maybe longer if he got banned. If he acted in game like he did on forums… it wouldn’t be surprising.


Why are the mouthbreathing replies always from someone that plays retail LOL


As a mouth breather by necessity (multiple bad injuries to nose)
I would just like to state, I do NOT play retail.

Do not forsake the plight of the nasally challenged


FWIW i dont think the OP breathes period, some sort of lower form of anaerobic life


Wait I play retail on a 90 rogue? Wot. Haven’t touched “retail” in years.


You’ve been given a blue response and yet you still try and argue that you are right and Blizzard are wrong. Yep. you are trash and heading for a holiday.


Wait, attacking someone near a Neutral Faction city from outside of guard aggro range is considered abuse of game mechanics? If it wasn’t intended back in the day why weren’t the aggro ranges updated to include a larger area, then?

I understand the issue with sitting on the NPC, that’s fine. But if a player is on flat ground - ie. not abusing rooftops - then I don’t see an issue with attacking from outside of guard aggro range.


Yes, because the guard drops combat before it attacks the offending player.