Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?

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You know at this point, come to think of it…

Why are you telling us this if your trying to justify your warning to Blizzard? Why not just email to Blizzard personally instead of this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why bring the neutral factions into this then?


Between horde and alliance it is more acceptable. I cant accept people from the same faction to block the npcs of their own faction.
Between horde and alliance… I wouldn’t do it but I’d understand why people do.


Gank the person, mount up, or hearth out. Problem solved with PvP or no PvP. Realllllt hard to grasp. You don’t have to click on me

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…And have the guards chase after you choose to gank them.

In classic?

So screw wherever i need to go, i can’t use this one FP and therefore i must hearth?

Well, at least your consistent. Not sure if that’s a thing you should proud of here, but… ehh. Better then usual?.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And it is the opposite faction. I wouldn’t do it to my own


Imagine paying $15/month so you can spend your time /sit on flight masters, so edgy, so hardcore…lemme guess you spam “gobacktoretail” while you do it…in other words, imagine being trash


Imagine me living my life and doing what I want to do. #Merica

Chances are you play retail hence you’re bent out of shape of some QoL aspect not in classic(lol click to enable PvP). Yeah I’d say you’re not a fan





You can use the FM. Just don’t click me. She or he is still there. How hard is that to grasp? They are still usable

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Maybe you tell me what’s the problem then, cause i never had a problem with FP’s until you come along… :thinking:

Again, why your telling people this? Why not just email Blizzard personally about this? If you think it’s unfair that they warned you?


the Blizzard support with right-click reporting and auto silence in retail? That blizzard that cares so much? Yeah think that’s a strong pass

Edit: oh the one that told me on a pvp server to move from sitting on a FM. Yeah good strategy champ


Good. Trash gettin taken out. How about you go do real pvp? You’re trying to purposefully get ppl killed by guards. Warning is being too nice to you imo. Kids like you need to get a life. If you want pvp then actually go pvp, not get people repair bills by gaming things. Gtfo trashcan.


This thread. What is this even. I can’t believe it’s still alive.

The OP is the most transparently disingenuous complaint I’ve read in all my time on the forums. And I don’t say that lightly.

You know what Blizzard is telling you, right? You must know. But you’re playing dumb.

This isn’t even original. I’ve seen it before - people sitting on auctioneers in Booty Bay waiting for someone to finally misclick and get ganked by NPCs. Amusing, yes, but kind of lame TBH.

You know what OP remind me of? That obnoxious older brother, annoying the heck out of his younger brother, all the while yelling, “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!”

Seriously, no-one likes a smart-alec. Just knock it off.

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I don’t report or silence.

Well you care so much to make this thread and still adamant that what you did was legit. Though don’t care enough to email Blizzard about the issue you had with the warning? since you seem confident that what you did was legit. Heck, you care more then Blizzard at this point.

I never seen you put your money where your mouth is that you are confident and adamant that what you did was legit. If i were trying to convince people what i done was legit, it should be the person who issued the warning or ban, not the… public audience.


OP is just showing off/trolling. Not trying to convince anyone.

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Oh i don’t know Tovah, i mean, he’s willing to fight the power here. he’s confident that he was in the right here, just trying to get him to put his money where his mouth is. He’s just telling us how how he’s the lost lamb setten loose upon the wolves. A real life spiderman from that Amazing Spiderman where he’s a American colored unwelcome vigilante, when really he was the hero, and the law was in the wrong, right Gwen stacy’s dad?

I’m sure it will turn out just fine for him… despite knowing what would the reality would be. :wink:

Throws a piece of driftwood to Tovah, hoping you would catch it

So Guys in Blue… Tell me right now i need to know, WE need to know… is he truly guilty of the crimes proceeded?

Huh. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Welp, case closed, he’s guilty. :grin:

GRUMBLES! get in here! we need cookies! :cookie:




Thanks for that laugh.


Post on your classic toon, i has surprise for you