Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?


Even if you carefully try and click the NPC, someone with a male tauren can block pretty much the whole NPC, and then when you finally find that spot to click on him the tauren does the snort breath thing right as you click and you attack the player.

Its intentional griefing. You have no reason to sit on top of the opposing factions flight master, unless you are doing it to grief.

If you don’t want players to use the flight master, you either kill the flight master or the player.


It is a bit unfair to force someone to go into controls far outside of the normal person’s knowledge base to get a solution to bypass a problem they may or may not know even has a solution. From their perspective, they don’t even know there is a solution.

Taking advantage of something like that is kinda scummy. I don’t think it should be punishable, but it’s pretty scummy. So when blizzard actions it with a warning, I don’t empathize with the person doing it.

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If you accepted it, why this thread exists?

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But but but that’s zone disruption!!! Might hurt someone’s feelings.


Issues with it? Kill me. It’s a PvP server. Solve it with PvP

They can’t without aggroing the guards.

Which is why you were given a warning for avoiding guard mechanics.


Soooo what you’re saying is there’ no zone disruption if the person has the ability to deal with it, excluding me. Got it. You could have saved yourself 15 posts and the humiliation you were wrong. I’ll take it as an “I’m sorry”

How do you avoid guards…by not attacking. Is it that hard to understand? I’m not avoiding anything.


So what, you got suspended for doing this ?


Blizzard ROFLSTOMPED you.

Build a bridge sweetheart.

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I do have to wonder would happen if the roles are reversed and you are the person who is having the problem not clicking on the player who is sitting on the FP, avoiding the guards. :thinking:

Would you still retain the same attitude you have here of trying hard to not click on the guy?.. Or would you report that person for exactly that? I wonder which it is. :thinking:

I want to know your answer but i have a feeling you wouldn’t even entertain this.


You’re intentionally griefing players by abusing the way the guards function by sitting on top of an important NPC that many players from the opposite faction use.

If you want the opposite faction to die, kill them yourself. Don’t have the neutral NPCs do it for you. But you won’t do that because you don’t want the durability penalty. You just want to give the durability penalty and repair bill to other players.


It’s zone disruption. But I don’t believe that zone disruption should be actionable. It’s not hard to understand is it?

Nah, you are just being a disingenuous troll.


Got a bloody warning that sitting on the FP is worthy of a suspension if continued.

How is that remotely close to abusing guards when you do nothing in the first place to aggro them? And then get accused of forcing the other player of clicking you.


Nice job blizzard.

Now find something more useful to do in the game. You know exactly what you are doing, why are you trying to convince anyone you are innocent in this.


This OP got flagged into oblivion hours ago, yet it still tries to plead it’s case.

Maybe someone should go and check up on him IRL?


Nahhh. You can’t stand the fact that attacking me forces the guards to attack you. If I do nothing, that’s not my fault and should not be punishable for doing a normal action. Re: sitting down.

Shouldn’t matter where


Safespotting involves doing nothing to aggro the guards too.


Except it requires you to attack the other faction. Which I do not.

As anyone on top of building is only up there to safespot. I’m not hiding anything


If there wasn’t a weird work around for this issue, I could imagine this being a much bigger problem.


Report any person (yours or opposing faction) that intentionally stays on top of Flight Masters or quest npc etc.

To those of you who do that… Do you feel proud or cool that you give trouble to other players, even to those of your own faction… There are so many people staying mounted or shapeshifted on top of flight masters in their own capital cities, intentionally (even stating it). I hope you all get permanent bans.

I encourage all players to report those who are intentionally disturbing the game.


On a PvP server? Why not? Isn’t it built on the friction between horde and alliance?