Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?


You are quite obviously having issues with PvP, to the point a GM had to talk to you about it and you made a threat to vent. These are pretty simple mechanics that you’ve already displayed an understanding of, with the sitting on Flight Master in hopes of someone hitting you (PvP), yet you seem completely incapable of dealing with the results of this PvP.

That is why I suggested a PvE server. It could save you from getting hung up on something you are incapable of handling.


Sounds like you have an issue with PvP if you need to hide behind guards.


Look if I’m abusing the game in a manner it wasn’t indented to be used, fine ban/suspend me. But to suggest it’s bannable in a PvP based game on a PvP server where I perform ZERO actions on the other faction…come on man.


You did perform an action. You specifically set your character to a specific point with the intent to get people killed by guards who didn’t intent to click on you.


What if - it was my life goal - to just sit there? PvP or not. I broke zero rules sitting down.


I mean…this is exactly what you’re doing, again it’s a concept too complicated for trash such as yourself to comprehend…maybe wow is too advanced for you…may I suggest checkers maybe?


It is abusing the game in a manner it wasn’t intended. Although Vanilla is filled with many of these situations.

If I mind control a horde member to kill one of their own tauren children for a DK, it’s not my fault…HE was the one putting the dagger in their throat.

That’s your logic.

(Oh gawd I think I just lowkey suggested a much better griefing method)


Is that my fault they clicked me? Seems like a personal problem not mine. you seem to have been bit by this bug a few times judging by your comments lol


It is possible that blizz simply doesn’t want trash in game…


Except you cast mind control on the other faction. You performed an action on them while I did not. See the difference? You made my point. You casted mind control. Try again tomorrow.


Can you prove it? It appears your intent is malicious. You’re grasping at straws now, that I broke you. Now that I made it clear that you’re trolling good bye. I will NOT be replying, nor replying back to this topic again. This is the last word between us two, as I will not be returning thus even if you do reply to me it’s invalid since I will go out of my way to NOT read it.


Ya’ll are feeding a clear troll lol he’s trying to just get a rise from ya’ll. and he’s winning.


Malicious? LOL. Sitting down is now considered malicious where being camped/ganked constantly isn’t(considered pvp) got it. Here’s what’s going to happen. You WILL check back on this topic because that’s what you have done. You want to respond, but you don’t because you want to make it as though you’re the almighty person here - but you’re not


LOL 3 hour post


I guess that’s just PvP on a PvP server. =)


How is it a clear troll when I have posted a response from a GM and inquiring how it relates to guard avoidance?

All I’m doing is sitting down in a neutral city on a FM. Everything is still accessible.

(Baridorielor) #225

Well if Blizzard’s telling you to stop doing the thing they don’t want you to do… but you think your in the right and don’t think you did anything abusive and all you did is just sit down…

I mean, i guess you could try to punch up, but you just have a better time doing something else then try to justify… sitting on the flight master is a not a disruptive move according to Blizzard.


Yes…it is. That is abusing game mechanics. Now remind me what sitting down does? Remove the dishonorable debuff? Easier to kill? Are you disarmed? Maybe silenced when you shouldn’t be? Is something unintended happening?

Nah. You right-click and you get attacked. Simple.


This reminds me of retail people complaining during MoP about how they were “tricked” into “force-flagging” because someone was standing on a mob they were trying to loot. Imagine if you could select an option in your menu that let you interact with stuff by left-clicking. Oh, wait…


Honestly, it’s not difficult and the majority of people figure it out and have zero issue. Nothing is altered/changed to make it any different. My toon is not an immovable object and you may click away!