Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?




Obviously…trash doesn’t pvp…it logs in to sit on flight masters


Oh behave. Telling me to stop because some idiotic player can’t click the FM in a neutral city is a slippery slope.


You got ROFLSTOMPED by Daddy Blizz.



So go and squat on your own flight master if you have this need.


Nah. I’ll sit in the world where it permits me to. Which is literally anywhere.


I haven’t told you to stop anything, I’ll let blizz handle that…I’ve simply told you you’re trash for doing it


You said I’m trash for doing it cool. Accepted. Where is it zone disruption besides them getting ticked off at me? Flight master still available. I havent done anything to make him/her any less. Turn on frames and click accordingly. Just not me :slight_smile:

Not rocket science.


You know why this is zone disruption. If Blizzard is going to action someone manipulating the guards to not attack you while you attack someone, they are certainly going to action someone manipulating the guards to attack someone else when they are just trying to fly out.


You’re exactly right, it isn’t rocket science and yet the concept still eludes you…like I said, you’re trash


ROFL. Seriously? Take action on me for making others click me making the guards attack them??? WOT IN TARNATION.

How does one manipulate guards when one does nothing for them to take action in the first place?

Are you saying my inaction is causing the guards to attack the other faction?


I’m assuming you quoted a GM in your OP. They said it is zone disruption. That is all that matters. It doesn’t matter whether or not you understand it or agree. It is their game, not yours.

If it is more than you can handle, maybe you should think about rolling on a PVE server where you wouldn’t be flagged and there wouldn’t be a chance of people clicking on you instead of the Flight Master and initiating combat.


Kid- I’ll sit where I want!

Kid -“Sits at flight path”

Blizzard -move from flight path

Crying kid- waits for daddy blizzard to leave, I’ll sit where I want, but I no longer want to sit at that spot anyway.


Why should i worry about rolling on a PVE server? I have no issue in PvP or dying? seems the other faction does. And yes. A direct quote from them. Stated multiple times PvP isn’t the issue.


AAAAANDDDD there’s your intent. Case closed.


What I find it funny? Right-click in a neutral city makes guards attack. Not my intent.

If they attack me, that’s their intent not mine. But i do find it mildly hilarious when it happens. lololol


Sure kid…


The quote you posted, as you VERY WELL KNOW, doesn’t say this is “under the umbrella” of guard avoidance. It says it is considered to be the same type of zone disruption as guard avoidance.

You are griefing people, to be quite honest. Flight masters are to be used by players in order to get from one place to another, not as chairs by players who are too cowardly to actually go out & PvP with others. Accept your punishment, learn from your mistake & grow up. If you don’t actually WANT to PvP, move to a normal server. But don’t come here & expect sympathy because you won’t get any.


I personally don’t believe blizzard should be actioning any of these PvP abuses, especially if their goal is to keep Classic as a Vanilla experience.

If Blizzard IS going to action people safespotting, it is obvious why they would action attempts to block the hitboxes of a usable NPC which punishes the player. Especially because nameplate interaction is very unknown, it’s very unfair to people who don’t know how to bypass it.

Sitting on a neutral NPC got really bad during TBC with the Area 51 NPCs because this neutral area was the only area to get your arena gear. It’s when most players had to figure out how to turn on NPC nameplates and click those to interact.


I have no issue with PvP. Kill me. Do it. Just deal with the guards. Isn’t that what they’re there for?

What punishment? I’m in-game and have no issues.