Sitting on a flight master is considered zone disruption...?


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Blizzard: Is rooftop exploiting bannable or not!?

Are you sitting directly on the flight master?


This makes no sense.


it says specifically neutral area flight master. most peoples right click is the interact button and auto attack button, so if you sit on the flight master they accidentally attack you and they die by the guards then they consider is abuse.

just get off the flight master, i hate when peeps sit right on top of them to be a inconvenience to everyone else, its just annoying.


Yes. I have been sitting on the Flight Master in gadgetzan. If I melee someone by accident, guess what? Guards attack me. If someone attacks me they get attacked. If someone uses the Flight Master - shocker - no issues and they fly off.


If you’re completely blocking the flight master then that’s why.


So deal with it on a PVP server. Kill me. You know it’s an inconvenience while leveling in the 55-60 range on a PVP server? Deal with it. Amirite?

Accidentally clicking me sounds an error on the user’s part and not mine.

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Yes if you are sitting on a flight master and making it harder to click on it intentionally that is zone disruption.


You’re sitting on it, blocking it, and your sad attempt is pathetic. Why did you come here to complain?

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You explained yourself in the OP the PvP solution is not viable as a solution.


“you” missing the point. How is that under the umbrella of guard avoidance? Answer the question.

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You are trying to initiate pvp combat in a neutral city without having to incur the penalty of initiating it.


I’m initiating combat? I’m sitting down. Doing NOTHING. Yet it’s somehow my fault an opposing player clicks me. That logic is off the charts


does that answer your question? you already quoted it once. try reading it slower this time.


you seemed to have left out the last part where it’s equated to avoiding guard aggro. Please stay on topic and not cherry-pick

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that is the very definition of disruption, you should look that up and rethink your argument

people that do this are the worst, i have more respect for ganking level 10s than this


youre sitting on the FP knowing that people right click to interact, and also right click to attack. then you say attack me its a pvp server knowing the guards will kill them and not you.

youre trash.


Nobody is going to change your mind, you could have hard facts in front of you and still screech feelings.


Facts or opinions?


then stop complaining and get off the FP or enjoy your ban.

either one works for me.