/sit enrage still works according to a streamer

This footage from 2006 definitely looks like evidence to me, but you seem knowledgeable on the subject. Tell me about these private servers in 2006.

simple way to test whether it is spell batching or something else entirely

have the classic devs ramp up the Classic beta spell batching to current BFA retail values and see what happens.

if mashing X still triggers RECK/Enrage/Blood Craze procs, then there’s something else at play here

if mashing X does nothing at that point then…

and it’s Spell Batching by a nose!

Much simpler. Just test it on their 1.12 client. I assume they did test it with sitting, but didn’t go to the extent people are doing in the Beta by precisely timing standing up at the right time

Think what you’re viewing is footage from a retail server at that point.

Based on numerous posts, disscussion, and the not a bug blue the /sit per private servers where you sit and then automatically stand when hit is a bug. However spamming X or monkeynews sit>move which causes your character to alternate sitting and standing coupled with spell batching and latency produces the same effect as seen in 2006 video linked below and therefore seems to be an accurate reproduction of 1.12 mechanics. Working as intended, although unreliable at best. I’ll still be leveling as arms!

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The people trying to justify this are funny. If its a bug to allow crits to proc talent affects when sitting then its also a bug to allow it if they mash their sit to glitch the system into thinking they are sitting well standing. Easy fix is to add a 1 second internal cool down on procing talents like enrage/wreck when you go from sitting to standing. =)

that would be going against Vanilla Blizzlike mechanics my friend


and these videos in particular from Vanilla WoW:


Better than letting a bug/exploit work. That wouldn’t even change anything. “Wouldn’t be classic”?? The only thing that does is fix a bug/exploit so the server doesn’t think your sitting when your standing. Adding a one second internal delay would only stop the bug/exploit. We don’t need rets getting pre 5 stacks running around oneshoting everyone. Might be fun for the rets but it isn’t fun for everyone else.

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welcome to vanilla/classic my sweet summer child…

You really think the devs are going to leave a bug/glitch in the game that lets rets run around the world oneshoting everyone… blizzard obviously doesn’t want sitting to proc reckoning or other such talents. So you think a glitch sever side by mashing sit and running to accomplish what they didn’t want happening and fixed to be left untouched? They also said they would fix bugs if found in classic. Keep dreaming of rets running around oneshoting everyone it isn’t going to make it live. Good luck, see you in classic =)

Iffy to say if they’ll find a way to ‘fix’ it or not. Evidence shows that it did exist via spell batching, so the stated philosophy would be to keep it. Obviously, the bluepost clearly states that it will not be in Classic–but if I had to guess I’d see this as an oversight in their internal testing—they looked, though it was out, but it technically works and they’ll eventually backtrack and let it stay rather than patching it.

We’ll see

spell batching says hello my friend…

they specifically only mention /sit in the blue post - not mashing your X button to both sit + stand and use spell batching as a creative use of game mechanics

Nah, their blue post doesn’t say spell batching a stand when you get crit while sitting doesn’t work to proc effects.

It just says being crit while sitting doesn’t proc effects.



Sitting isn’t a spell. It’s technically still procing because you force a crit by sitting. It makes no
Difference your just tricking the server into thinking your still sitting when your not. They can just patch it so you don’t incorrectly get crit well standing. That’s a bug in itself. Why are you being crit well your standing. You shouldn’t be getting auto crit well standing.

Except it’s pretty hilarious and we can all laugh about it since this is a casual MMO :open_mouth: /s (Hilariously, WoW was indeed a casual-friendly MMO on release)

But, folks wanted Vanilla and they’re getting it!

Your natural healing rate is increased when sitting.

Seems pretty magical to me.





Patch 1.1.0 patch notes


  • Crusader Strike: Removed.

two very different abilities

the beta CS hit for little to no damage but applied the debuff that would later become Judgement of the Crusader and it stacked x5

this would then be used in conjunction with Holy Strike - which worked like a Holy Heroic Strike - as it turned your next white attack into 100% Holy dmg

the problem with this was that it was not instant, replaced your white swing, had a 10 sec cd and cost a ton of mana which meant that it was not spammable but still made you OOM quickly

the TBC Crusader Strike was an actual instant yellow attack that was based on weapon dmg and 40% of your spell dmg to calculate its total damage output

originally it had a 6 sec cd in the beta, but was nerfed to 10 secs right nefore xpac launched and wasn’t reverted back to 6 sec cd until 2.3

TLDR - never mind the fact that the beta strikes were only there as placeholders as I had specifically asked Kevin Jordan - the original Vanilla WoW class designer about them in my interview on C2C’s podcast:


  • Calling Countdown #2 – Kevin Jordan On Paladins (With Theloras) – 1:13:45