/sit enrage still works according to a streamer

/sit is NOT the same as mashing your X button bro

try again

That is what the blue says, it says nothing about using /sit to stand.

urskrah - from now on so as to avoid confusion - please don’t say /sit to stand

it’s mashing your X button to both sit AND stand

because the devs reinitialized vanilla era spell batching, it’s working - this will result in other effects such as double mage sheeps, double rogue gouges etc…


You are correct. But the connotation is the same.

Im also not debating its doing that right now. Its not intended though.

spell batching says otherwise my dude

It was relatively common in the original game to see a warrior Pummel a mage who simultaneously and successfully Polymorphed the warrior. The mage suffered Pummel damage but no spell-school lock, because the mage didn’t get interrupted. This could seem paradoxical, but it could happen because the Pummel and Polymorph were both in the same batch, and were both valid actions at the start of the batch. For the most part, things like that don’t happen in modern WoW, but they still can. We’ve made improvements to batch frequency, and the game is much more responsive than it used to be. Still, if you manage to get both a Pummel and a Polymorph into a tiny processing window in modern WoW, you’ll experience the same behavior as in original WoW.

We think it’ll be fun to see those sorts of things happening again.

the devs would literally have to do a complete 180 and remove spell batching from classic…

and me thinks that ain’t gonna happen so…

better get used to it friend

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If this makes it to Live, I’m certainly not going to play a Paladin at any point. Not only is it annoying to do, it also looks stupid.

Somebody needs to test Enrage as well.

lol that’s what was literally shown in the video…


My bad, for some reason I assumed this was about Esfand’s tests.

LOL, Warrior is out as well, then. A shame as I was planning on playing one eventually. Fortunately, there are other classes.

I’ve seen how the old spell batching is, and It’s dumb. People are stunning stuff and are getting hit like .5 secs after the target is stunned? what? No, bad idea to keep the old spell batching.

Spell batching is just one of those things that creates a unique experience in Classic. It’s part of the ‘warts and all’ doctrine.

I really appreciate the devs are taking such an approach to the project, rather than just trying to fine tune everything and perfect all game mechanics. That leads to…well, something we can experience now. Unexpected quirks can be fun and interesting. My advice is to relax, realize it’s just a game. Roll with it.

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well said sir, well said I say!

It was a thing in vanilla just got patched out because of stuff like this https://youtu.be/TqPQ4SNmx2c

It wasn’t patched out, it was capped to 5 stacks.


here is a link to a blue post of things not in beta

#2 is /sit doesn’t work.

just FYI

This sounds like a spell batching thing causing this. Its set for an auto crit while you’re sitting but when standing during the attack (like a .5s to do this or less) the code that doesnt allow enrage effects to proc while sitting counts you as standing technically counting for the /sit crit macro but this is not guaranteed like the previous method of sitting till being crit and if you’re too late - you still take the crit dmg.

Like spell clipping. Move right at the end of the spell and then cast an instant cast and often times the instant cast will have the same timestamp as the casted spell landing, if not before. Caused by spell batching you get an “interrupted” notice on the spell, it still fires and you fire off the instant spell @ the same time.

Not necessarily a bug but a loop-hole of spell batching.

You’re missing my entire point.

Im not saying it wont stay. But its not intended as its counter intuitive.

Wasn’t saying that was the soul reason. It was a reasom for them to look into the method made to produce it. The /sit auto crit for buffs Got patched out in tbc i believe.

apparently it was only a bug on private servers?