/sit enrage still works according to a streamer


/sit macro and move right as you get hit and you’ll still get crit and get bloodcraze/enrage

source: https://www.twitch.tv/moo_uk

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Yes, because you were sitting when the attack was batched, but standing when it landed. So it was a forced crit on a standing target, activating whatever would normally activate on crit.


Except that he’s still getting hit for the crit damage. Sitting to get crit still works. I thought the exploit they all love is not getting hit for the crit damage but proccing the crit effect.


sounds like an exploit that should be patched if they truly don’t want people being able to /sit crit


Actually something they intentionally put in the game to make it closer to vanilla latency. They could have it where every ability is processed separately in real time if they wanted, but they chose to go with what would be more authentic to the vanilla experience.

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(Volitar) #6

This was working in 1.12 retail. There are videos of people doing it. You just spam sit and stand up and eventually you will get them.

(Xianmisuto) #7

That’s a bug/exploit and should be reported.

(Xianmisuto) #8

Those are private servers. Im pretty sure its already been stated that crit sitting never happened in vanilla.

(Kolben) #9

The last info from Blizzard is that /sit crits should not proc anything like Enrage or Reckoning.

If it is happening it should be reported.

(Skjaldbjorn) #10

This. However it doesn’t make it any less of an exploit. That said it mainly impacts leveling warriors, and ret ganking. Warrior leveling is a pain, and ret paladins are the laughing stock of vanilla…so throwing them a bone wouldn’t be the end of the world I suppose.

Just sitting doesn’t. You have to spam x to sit/stand repeatedly so to trick the server into forcing the crit because it thinks you are sitting, but proc the ability because it thinks you are standing.

(Williams) #11

It was never intended, but this is the sort of thing that was possible in Vanilla and as a result possible in Classic WoW.

Why would they change it if it was possible in the original game?

(Ironsides) #12

Community after finding out that spell batching effects unintended areas of the game: PATCH THIS OUT

(Ghannagh) #13

What kind of logic is that? Well people could bot in the original game, so should we just not prevent that then?

Why should people be allowed to exploit just because a certain class is hard? Hell I have trouble in PvP, should I be allowed to cheat to compensate? Hell no.


Being crit while sitting was 100% a thing in vanilla. Proccing effects due to it was not. That’s why they have the sit/stand macro to proc the effects.

(Skjaldbjorn) #15

Because it’s an exploit. Just because they never got around to fixing it doesn’t change what it was.

That was meant to be sarcasm. If the decision was mine, it would be fixed.

(Ghannagh) #16

I can’t tell with these forums sometimes. Too many people asking for changes to core mechanics and too many trolls pretending to be the former.


i wish they removed spell batching, getting gouged while blinking or polymorphing someone while silenced is bull!$^@

(Xianmisuto) #18

I think you misunderstood what i ment.

I meant the procing abilities from crit sitting that happened in pservers never happened in vanilla.

Of course you got crit while sitting.


This sounds like exciting and engaging gameplay.

(Xianmisuto) #20

Its also an exploit. Crit sitting to proc abilities never happened in vanilla.

Yes you got crit while sitting however it never procced abilities.