Sir/Miss-you make really good teams!

(Disma) #1

Your Whomper team is very clever! If you are the same person; your Rotten Little Helper team of a few months ago was also a lot of fun to play against. I know I stole your Shadow team from you and use with much success. Your teams are well thought out and hard to beat and you don’t use over powered pets. Keep it up and thanks for making pvp pet battles fun.

(Ungulate) #2

Oh, I played a whomper team recently… I made some more PvP teams! That one is called “Shop Team” because it uses pets I bought when they were were on sale over Xmas.

Was it this team, it’s pretty good so far:

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(Disma) #3

the Whomper team I faced was on 1/11/19-whomper, an undead and an aquatic. five times in a row. I went 1-4 against it. the win was the last match . I finally figured out how to beat that team. Maybe I faced your Shop team this past Sunday. Was it Brightpaw, Lil’ Rag and Blossoming Ancient?

(Ungulate) #4

Whomper, Soul of the aspects and Crackers. Check the SS.