Single minded fury

can you please just put this out of its misery its completely pointless and its infuriating getting a 1h weapon as fury after having to suffer through timewalking


loot spec to arms. also its fun to use 2 1h weapons for the speed bonus to collect tmog/mounts faster


Imagine complaining about something that wouldn’t affect you if you knew how loot spec worked.


It should just be a fury warrior exclusive transmog option. Having two mutually incompatible types of weapons dropping within a single spec’s loot table is terrible design, even if there is a workaround.


imagine thinking a completely useless sub spec should still be a thing

I cleared 5/10M in CN before I finally got a set of 2hs to switch halfway through Council prog. It’s not useless at all. It’s simply suboptimal.

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No part of me said it should be a thing, but its your own PEBCAK issue that is causing you to get the loot for it–it’s an easily solvable problem by doing a lot less than coming and crying on the forums.


5% isn’t sufficient to even be noticeable, let alone “fun”


you stack speed gear + sockets with speed gems + 2 1h weapons and you are the fastest possible spec/class to do legacy content in the game

5% from SMF isn’t going to make or break that.


Honestly, with how weird the sizing is on some 1hs/2hs are, I’d be okay with it just being across the board everyone can xmog 2h to 1h if desired. I like using 2hs but I hate how so many of them are obnoxiously large or gripped in nonsensical places. I found a couple 2hs that really look like 1hs, but Im now locked in to those few options. if theyd just open up xmog more we could forget SMF ever existed. I know its not a major thin, it just seems to me like itd be easier to balance this way in the long run.


Guys, I just did a test in my full 7/9 PvP gear. Standard PvP fury spec, both weapon sets mastery, so maces for 2H and fist weapons for SMF. 5 minute parses on the PvP target dummy. Virtually no change in damage whatsoever. 3.39M SMF vs 3.37M 2Hs. The SMF executes surprisingly crit 500 damage higher than the 2H setup, but with one parse each not exactly significant(19.6k vs 19.1k). The only difference is 86180hp and +20% movement speed versus 79800hp and +25% movement speed. So oddly enough, still a viable option if you can handle the 7.3% hp loss.


SMF is completely legit. The only spec for warriors where you can transmog double beer steins.


Hopefully one day.

Smf abilities are 2% weaker than those of TG, not even including mastery loss during enrage. Additionally, you lose 8% health and have a 15% smaller ignore pain. Smf is just factually worse than TG except for looks.


agreed, I just came back and got a 259 weapon. Nice upgrade from my 226 weapons.
Oh, wait ! It was a 1 handed weapon Lol… guess I did not strategically put the loot table to arms… fk n game. Just set me back weeks trying to drop a not as good weapon doing mythic plus

Just pve people in arena up to 2100 and rock 272 weapons

One nice thing about SMF is it allows the 10 people who still bother with prot warrior to get dps weapons for questing without changing their loot spec.

/raises hand

yes you, with the vulnerable neck