Sin'dorei Proud of Their Heritage

I do actually. For example I’ve already figured out from your very first post that you initially mistakenly thought I was a Zandalari troll, and not Darkspear, which is why you started the entire Zandatroll discussion and aimed it at me, despite similar comments being made in the thread. Pretty obvious.

Hyperbole was just an ever-continuing effort of yours to backtrack, since editing wouldn’t do anything because I’ve been quoting you all along. Speaking in hyperbole to the point of ridiculous exaggeration doesn’t make you immune to being wrong, which was the nature of your very initial comment.

Thanks though, I guess this was fun until I had to explain you to yourself. That was just kinda tedious and the material was boring/nothing special.

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I’m proud of blood elf heritage, and the fact that their an ancient race. But I do kind of think that everything thry’ve Been through has made them a bit bitter, if not skeptical.


Horde are professional victims.


Bc male blood elves are very… very rare, and the ones we do have only like Tauren for some reason. So Males humans are like the next best thing I guess.

pft, you guys deserved the the treatment…

you guys literally treated us humans as lesser beings and barely aided us at all.
glad you left ya selfish jerk.

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Remember The Sunwell.


A thread full of elves??!! BLOOD ELVES NO LESS??!!!


Kaivax? You too? Is no one safe from the plague that is elves?!


“I for one am really proud of being a fel addicted junkie two weeks away from being wretched”


That splinter is more like a log lul Blood elf’s are the most played Horde race. Half of Orgrimmar is Legolas lookalikes.

If they are legolas, than i am aragorn!
leaps away with sword an bow


Any hints on what races get heritage after Tauren/Gnome? :wink:

Lore-wise you actually have 0 horde pride and 0 bloof elf pride because your a DH like me. We were Illidan’s army and got put into stasis sleep and came back a few years ago, now your horde 100% dedicated? You have no knowledge of horde’s actions and you recently came into Horde being lead by the lich queen with an iron fist killing all life on Azeroth. And you have no knowledge of what the blood elves have done for the past ages since you ran away with Illidan.


I am proud of my history. I was a high elf who was with Kael’thas after the sacking of silvermoon. I went through the dark portal and aligned with illidan. After Kael betrayed my people and joined the legion I went to illidan to learn the ways of a Demon Hunter so i cpuld get revenge on the legion who created the lich king in the first place.

Tal anu’men no Sin’dorei!

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I am in the middle of mine and will have it in a few minutes.

Look always to the Eternal Sun

oh gee, gosh you shouldn’t be lookin directly at it friend, a blood elf went blind doin dat…

he’s an illidari now.


gloves and belt only the rest of the heritage armor is ugly at least void elves got a nice chest piece

I do like the blood elves as a people that endured a terrible tragedy and were able to survive and rebuild. It makes them way more interesting and I think actually has some parallels with the developed nations of today and our reliance on forms of energy that can be harmful. After enduring such a terrible blow, Blood elves will do whatever is necessary to survive.

I think in some respects that’s actually at odds with the horde. The other members of the horde are survivors as well, but are very concerned with ‘honor’ and I don’t think that’s the case for the Sin’dorei. They’ve learned that honor means very little when you are dead. You can be as honorable as you want, but it won’t save your people from an undead army that doesn’t play by the rules of honor.

I might play one as an alt if they were available but I don’t think I would really identify with silver covenant elves. They would be a good fit for the alliance though-- they either left their homeland and fellow elves to fend for themselves in their greatest time of need over hypocritical morals OR simply stayed in Dalaran where they could use rare magical artifacts to sate their mana withdrawal like cowards. I don’t really get why you would want to play as that.

But…its right there. o.O

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Yes and in a way almost no? I love their history and everything with it but funnily enough i play a death knight and a demon hunter as my sin’dorei so rp wise my characters have some different culture. Personally though i love the blood elf race.

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Lol XD

Side note: Finally done. Probably won’t show my character wearing it for awhile, though.

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