Since when was "Check Wowhead" an acceptable answer?

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I submitted a bug report about the dragon time lady npc in Theramore not retaining player selection of zone time phase. This was months ago. To this day I port there and instead drop into a pit of suspended floating geometry and chairs. Its absolutely ridiculous that this hasn’t been fixed yet. I even remember Crendor coming across this years ago in a video. YEARS!


Neither do GMs.


Because in this day and age, expecting someone to care about customer satisfaction is secondary.

Welcome to the world of Activision Blizzard!

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Since when? Since Burning Crusade. (Although it started out as “check Thotbot” initially.) WoW developers only create the quests, they don’t explain them. Maybe they can’t explain them … I don’t know. But the company has always referred the players to third-party sites for information as long as I can remember.


Talking to a Wow GM: Upwards of 5 day wait. Probably won’t actually be helpful, regardless of how nice they are about it.

Going to Wowhead: 5 minute search. Will almost certainly be helpful.

Hundreds of thousands, millions of players collaborating on a public site will always outweigh a handful of GMs. It is very common for customers (collectively) to know a product better than the product owners. Power in numbers.

This is how it is for virtually everything when it comes to knowledge about a game, service, product, etc. That’s why game companies do things like open the game up for Beta testing. Production / Live is just the most final, most public state, but it’s still the same principle.

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As far as wowhead goes, last year things reached a boiling point because the parent company wasn’t checking the ad provider they used and some nasty malware ads were sneaking through.

I think at some point one forum goer with a background in this sort of thing has a conversation with some of the guys at wowhead and maybe resolved it.

These days all I hate about them is their constant efforts to break adblocker. Don’t know what their ads are like these days

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It is called a “copout”, the same as when they don’t know how to help you and suggest that you go to the forums and post about it.

They are cutting costs, that is what happened to live people answering your tickets.

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how dare they engage in standard business practice.

/shakes cane

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“The quest mob is in a different phasing” “Go to this site riddled with malicious ads” :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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since ppl used the phrase " Google it " :rofl::rofl:

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I worked in customer service for about a decade, this isn’t standard.


Problem is thou that’s not an effective method.

Customers on average tend to ignore survey requests unless they are either very happy or very angry.

You would be better to maximise your attention on more complicated issues and having a good dialogue to ensure better results.

I’d suggest they likely have KPIs more so aimed at either time to respond/ resolve or total amount of resolutions - that better explains their behaviour my 2 cents


Activision Blizzard doesn’t want to take responsibility, it’s normal.

They’d much rather send their customers to a third party website than handle problems themselves. They even create systems in the game that require the use of third party websites.

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Yeah wowhead is the new Q&A department. They paid the real Q&A team to quit there jobs.

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They are probably all stoned.

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Why? I did run into several bugs myself due to the newer level scaling content.


Do they even try to fix bugs? The same ones are still going on in incursions with pets not spawning or spawning 6 feet underground. neat trick. Then there always in combat even though i hearth bug. so many

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was that prior to internet? prior to phones? prior to carrier pigeons?

preformed responses are a standard thing.

the company you worked for must have been extremely inefficient.

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They have scripted replies, outside of that they are confused.
Seems normal for businesses these days


And if those responses no longer satisfy the customer base, you update them, not tell them to call a third-party and hope they’ll have the answer.