Since "no changes" is over, can we fix racials?

Everyone knows why Horde is overpopulated and wins most BGs. Its the rediculously OP racial traits. Heck, even Blizzard admitted they are not balanced which is why WOTF lost its immunity and escape artist became instant cast in real WOW.

Enough with this charade that “horde are just better pvpers than alliance”. No changes went out the window because Horde players cried. Now that this pandoras box has been opened, lets fix these racials!


We gonna get any more of these “So no changes is over, can we get ___ now?”

Just stop lmao


Funny watching the horde do this after how they acted the past few weeks


Yep, only changes if it benefits them. Sad.


The alliance do the exact same thing. Only want changes that benefit them. Don’t think alliance are any better. God forbid make changes that will benefit everyone and make things more even.
This back and forth crap is going to continue for the entirety of classic isn’t it?


Says the mage that picked gnome for the intellect, escape racials… you must be really good at pve huh


Wotf works amazing against pallys am I right boys? Horde is much more pvp driven than alliance. They spend more time working on their craft. Call it zug zug. Early phase 2 and BG ques now are proof of that.

Alliance spend so much time crying about the other faction. But they never seem to look at the real issue, which is themselves. I played alliance in retail for many many years. My biggest factor for rolling horde was because they seem more pvp driven. Blizzard cannot MAKE your faction want to pvp. You refuse to look inward on your problems. Alliance have VERY strong racials and guilds like APES absolutely crush the horde.


I don’t understand. you are blaming a faction (horde) traits that forced you to premade and abuse a dysfunctional warmaster paladin pull?

I have said in previous posts that i don’t think it’s immoral or a faction issue with the warmasters. It’s just ridiculous they follow the paladin to ‘africa’.
you know it…you won’t admit it, but you know it. If I was alliance I would wan’t to do the same thing. And I would know it’s weird. You can examine yourself.

Back to the changes. They level the field. It’s a player versus player battleground. Currently one faction is intentionally AVOIDING PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER contact.
Think about that.

Racials…etc…blah blah blah. years old debates.

The changes this week coming up are about leveling the field. Not giving anyone an advantage. If horde is excelling at pvp…there might be other reasons. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t wrong.


A dwarf rogue is the best rogue in game vs melee, period. A good dwarf rogue wins a 1v1 duel against another rogue with ease. Ruptured? Can vanish permanently. Blinded? Oh yeah I can remove that during the duration. They have some good ones, but a dwarf rogue is king.


I will always be a #nochange player but I can see that’s not going to happen blizzard keep doing changes so I’ll just stop wasting my time with classic.

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Its funny because this change was actually to the benefit of both sides. Premades were ruining AV for the alliance pugs, as well as the horde. Of course anyone that was premading was ignorant or just didn’t care about how many other players they had to step on to get ahead in the ranking process. I have no sympathy for the likes of them. You backstabbed your own faction for your own gain, and then have the gall to blame things on the horde. Shameful.


Try, if you can, to imagine being an Alliance warlock.

Against undead Warlock - dead
Against undead rogue - dead
Against undead SP - dead
Against undead warrior - dead
Against undead…you get the picture.

Fear is a very powerful CC that is an integral part of pvp. Giving undead players an additional 5 seconds of immunity is game breaking and one of the reasons it was changed in Real WOW.

You tout fairness as the reason for the changes announced but are against making a change that even Blizzard admits is unbalanced. The Hypocrisy is strong in the Horde…

Like, I see what you’re saying, but at the same time Death Coil is a spell. They pop WotF, you Death Coil them. WotF runs out, and they are vulnerable to fear again. Proceed to faceroll your keyboard with dots and kiting.

Shadow priest is a hard fight regardless, and horde has to deal with dwarf priests, which are arguably the strongest priest in the game.

You aren’t supposed to have the upper hand against everything, you know. Its okay for you to struggle vs WotF because fear is your main cc. The forsaken racial still doesn’t do anything against 5 of the alliance’s 8 classes. That said, we all know its still a very strong racial, but you’re only looking at it from the perspective that its really good vs warlock. Its the same as saying that Stoneskin is busted and needs a nerf because its op vs rogues.

Yeah, nobody wants to play the boring alliance races that are in every fantasy game.
If we remove/fix the horde racials, can we also fix the alliance ones? Death to WoTF, Hardiness, Fear Ward, perception, escape artist, and stone skin. While we are at it let’s allow both factions to make pallies and shamans.


Troll is BiS for PVE…

Lol. No changes has no meaning anymore.

People just use it to fit their agenda.

Some of us want no changes. Some of us don’t want av changed. Some of us think its bs they are giving in to the whiners. The pvpers did this to themselves.

False. I have no agenda. I’ve been against every change they have made so far.

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Classic was originally defined by blizzard to be the overall vanilla experience. Would you be ok with all the threat and dungeon changes reverted? Raids retuned?
I don’t remembet you being ok with that.

An AV change that would have been more in inline with the original definition, would have to decrease the honor AV provided. That way the system wouldn’t have changed, but the players behavior would have. Wsg and ab was always the better honor grind - at least pre 1.12.

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Were you against BGs being introduced 3 months early? Because that was a change to the timeline.

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